Can they hack your iPhone using CarPlay?

carplay hack

Today there are many ways that can exist to hack an iPhone. The security recommendations establish that the connection should not be made with foreign accessories, nor should it be connected via USB with absolutely nothing. Given these recommendations, you must also keep in mind the connection with CarPlay. To the operating system that is installed in some vehicles to display navigation information or access to music, the connection can be made easily. But the big question is… can the iPhone be hacked through it?

With the official version there would be no problems

CarPlay is a system that is developed by Apple itself and is sold to different vehicle manufacturers. Among the features of CarPlay you can find access to the music library or also to Apple Maps itself and other third-party apps. In order for it to function properly, connection to an iPhone with the most up-to-date software version possible is always required. This requires that they be linked through a USB or also wirelessly with Bluetooth.

A priori, in the event that you are in your own car and you know that nobody has manipulated the operating system, you can be completely safe. The company has different systems by which no malicious file will be downloaded to the internal storage of your device. Obviously, it should always be borne in mind that the connection is always made with CarPlay and not with other third-party accessories. As long as follow all the recommendations stipulatedthere should be no apparent problem with hacking the device.

Be very careful with fakes

But everything changes when it comes to a CarPlay system that has been tampered with. It is a reality that having CarPlay can be complicated as it is not available in the full range of vehicles that are marketed. And there are also many users who think that they are quite limited to do not count on all third-party applications that you would like Until recently, applications such as Spotify or Google Maps could not be used in CarPlay. And although the Cupertino company finally finished integrating these options,

That is why on the net you can find different CarPlay software that are manipulated to integrate YouTube or other entertainment apps. In these situations, if it is possible to hack an iPhone when making the connection, since there are many permissions that are granted. And some hackers may develop the software to install Trojans or malware the moment the computer is connected. If they are being granted to an unofficial version of CarPlay, the device would be completely exposed to the different threats that can be installed.

In this way, it must be taken into account that you only have to make the connection with those trusted radios. I mean, let it be yours. owned car or trusted friends. If you’re in a rental car or carpool with a stranger, it’s best not to make the connection. These are recommendations to take into account if you want to prioritize the integrity of your device.