Change the way you work with this iPad Mini with 5G: reduced!

There are few devices that allow you to work as comfortably as the ipad mini. Not only because of its excellent size, but also because it has benefits very high compared to other devices on the market. Also, in Worten It is right now at an incredible price.

For those people who regularly work outside the home and need, yes or yes, to have their iPad, the Mini model is one of the most comfortable. Having a screen of only 8.3 inches, it allows you to travel with it anywhere. You can store it in all backpacks quite easily, and even in small bags.

In this specific case, it will be even more efficient… Because it has mobile connection! In other words, you can insert a SIM card and work with this device as if it were a large telephone.

An iPad Mini with 5G at a good price

This iPad Mini with 5G is the model of the year 2021, and it has a powerful A15 Bionic chip inside. In addition, it has a Storage capacity 256GB. In this way, you can do practically everything you want with it: write by hand with your Apple Pencil, take notes with a keyboard, study, work, make video calls… And even call by telephone and stay in contact with customers.

The truth is that for those who travel a lot and use their tablet constantly, having a connection 5G it is a big advantage. You no longer have to always carry your phone and iPad, since you can only carry the latter. In its Liquid Retina IPS display of 8.3 inches you will be able to clearly see everything you want, as well as show catalogs to your clients in case of need.

To everything that we have already mentioned about this iPad, it should be noted that it has some cameras with good specifications. Both the rear and the front have 12 MP, more than enough for everything you want to do with it. From taking pictures to scan documentsthere will be no task that will resist you.

It has a autonomy of 9 hours, something that you should take into account. If you want it as a substitute for your phone and you are going to make very intensive use of it, don’t worry. You will probably end up having the same autonomy, although at first it may not seem like it.

Versatile, powerful and functional

This iPad Mini with 5G has proven to be one of the most apple versatile. Although it is true that it is focused on a very specific sector for having an LTE connection, since not everyone is going to require this, the offer continues to be very interesting. Because even if you don’t want to use 5G, it is a terminal that you can take advantage of.

Just look at the possibilities that will open up to you by adding a keyboard or even an Apple Pencil. It will be as if you had a touch computer in your hands, although fully compatible with the Apple ecosystem.

As for the cost, thanks to the discount it has in Worten we are talking about €809.99. And with him totally free shipping, guaranteeing that it will be with you in one or two business days. It’s a great deal!