Clash Royale Valkyrie: how to play her to be successful

The Clash Royale Valkyrie is one of the essential cards for many players, including myself. Not surprisingly, it is one of the few chosen within the cards considered “starting” that continue to be useful as you progress through the game. It’s one of the few that has stayed in all my decks as I’ve progressed through the game.

In this article we are going to give you all the necessary strategies to use the Valkyrie and have guarantees of success. All the keys necessary to understand and enjoy the game with the Valkyrie, below.

Things you should know about the Valkyrie

The Valkyrie from Clash Royale can be obtained from arena number 2. It is found inside the chests that are won by achieving victories, or you can also find it inside the crown chests. You have a third way: if the card is in the shop, you can also buy it for gold or gems.

Put the Clash Royale Valkyrie into play costs four units of elixir. It’s a medium-demand card, which means that early on (when we haven’t discovered most of the cards yet), it can be put into play with some regularity. Later, when we already have a good number of cards to choose from, how and when to place the Valkyrie becomes an art that must be mastered (although we will talk about this later).

For now, we’re going to give you relevant information about the Valkyrie of Clash Royalewhich will undoubtedly be useful when playing with this card in your games.

What is Clash Royale’s Valkyrie good against?

The Valkyrie from Clash Royale is especially useful against various types of cards:

  • It is perfect for clearing areas occupied by small troops, such as goblins or skeletons in their various guises.
  • Against some ground units, such as the Dark Prince, Ice Golem, Elixir Golem, Thief, Miner, Archers, or any of the three Witches.

Also keep in mind that his spin attack is somewhat peculiar. It deals area damage, which means will damage all enemies in its radius of effect And not just the one in front of you.

We must not overlook the fact that it is a fairly affordable “tank” unit. Clash Royale’s Valkyrie is a little damage sponge, which means she can take a long time before going down (it’s not a glass cannon like the Mini PEKKA). This makes her perfect for placing low elixir value troops behind her (for example the Royal Ghost or a ranged unit like Musketeer or Firethrower) and have her lead the way.

As we said before, it is one of the few chosen within the initial card pool that continues to be useful much later. Against small enemies it is lethal, and can perfectly contain some larger units (against some giants its effectiveness is undeniable). As a defense card against ground units, it’s incredibly useful and generally quite versatile. For those of us who prefer defensive strategies, it is undeniable that this is a great card.

What are the weaknesses of the Clash Royale Valkyrie?

There can be no positive point without a negative counterpoint. The Clash Royale Valkyrie is a strong unit, but it’s not invincible. It has its weak points, just like the rest of the units in the game. It is important to be clear about them when developing a strategyso let’s get to it.

The main flaw that the Valkyrie has is pretty obvious: can only attack ground units, which makes it quite vulnerable to attacks with air units. The two groups of Minions that you can find in the game (the one with 3 units and the one with 5) are especially effective against her, since she does not even touch them. The Mega Minion is also an option to consider. Bats also serve to weaken her, but due to their lower attack power they lose a bit of effectiveness.

The strongest ground units, such as Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, Mini Pekka or Pekka, they can kill her easily due to her high attack power. Barbarians and Mini PEKKA may take a bit longer, but they can take down your Valkyrie just the same. If you’re up against any of these cards, don’t put your Valkyrie at risk unless you absolutely have to.

How to play with the Valkyrie

A little higher up we already said that the Clash Royale Valkyrie is an “affordable tank card”, since it has a good amount of life. We have also already commented that this makes it ideal for opening the way to other units without leaving too much elixir in the process, and it’s one of the best strategies you can follow.

And what do we mean by “opening the way”? Well, suppose you have a powerful ground unit, such as the Prince, the Pekka or the Golem. ideal is place the Valkyrie before them so that if the opponent decides to use a card of small troops that do a lot of damage when they concentrate their attack, the Valkyrie will take care of them with ease. The same can be applied to units with low elixir value, but with high attack power and low life pool. As I said before, the Valkyrie and Royal Ghost combo gives me very good results.

However, the Valkyrie is a fundamentally defensive unit. Although it can be used for attack, where it can be used the most is to contain troops attacking your territory. As I have already said, for those of us who have a more conservative and defensively focused style of play, it is essential. Also, it works very well when you combine it with other cards that have projectile damage with area, such as the Wizard.

As you can see, the Valkyrie from Clash Royale It is an excellent unit if you know how to take advantage of it. We hope that, with the keys that we have given you, you can do it more easily yourself. If you want more tips to win in the famous Supercell title, here we leave you The best decks to win in Clash Royale.