Climbing Apps for Apple Watch

climbing apps for apple watch

Climbing is a sport that has more and more fans around the world. There are many who want to save their progress and achievements in an app, which can also be synchronized with Apple Watch to have everything more at hand. In this post we bring you some applications that you can use if you like climbing

Features that these apps must have

For these apps to be useful to climbers, they must have activity monitoring. It is also a point in favor, but not essential, that they have gps for those who go to climb the mountain. They should also have examples of the exercises so that, in case you are a novice, you can learn how to do it correctly without the risk of falling or injuring yourself.

A good feature that these applications can have is that they have open user communities with which to share achievements and exploits. With these types of communities, you can motivate yourself to keep improving and reaching new goals, and you can share your progress with whoever you want.

Climbing Wall Review Apps

Among the different types of applications that there are to scale, there are two different types. Some of them are the ones that have reviews of different routes and climbing walls so you can see the level and difficulty of each one, but reviewed by climbers of the same or similar level.

MyClimb – Community of climbers

MyClimb is a climbing training app. you can find a Training plan or a workout that helps you structure your climbing, hangboarding, bodyweight and strength sessions, and has multiple levels of difficulty so you can use it whether you’re just starting out or an expert climber.

You can also use MyClimb to track your indoor and outdoor climbing at any gym or outdoor area. You can record any type of climb, in any difficulty rating system. Plus, it offers a hang board workout builder, so you can create, time, and save all your hang board workouts.

developer: MyClimb



Record climbs from anywhere and at any time. It has more than 200 gyms and over a thousand outdoor destinations, so climbs at your home gym or at a venue are just a few clicks away. Explore each climb by marking in the feed if you’ve finally got a climb or if it just stayed on one try.

Thanks to its community you will be able to see the progress and attempts of the users closest to you, as well as your friends and acquaintances. You will be able to compete against climbers from all over the world who will help motivate you to continue improving and reaching new goals.

Vertical-Life Kletter – Climbing Reviews

VERTICALLIFEClimb outside, train inside and use a single tool to get all the information, inspiration and motivation you need. It has digital and detailed climbing guides, with more than 133,000 routes and boulders. Routes are created and shared by local authors and editors to ensure continuous updating and accuracy of climbing topos.

It also has indoor topos, classifications and circuits. You will be able to train more efficiently and improve your climbing thanks to the personal training option found within the app. Get closer to your projects with personalized plans by professional trainers, adapted to your level and interests, adjusted to the routes and boulders of your gym.



Climbing Away gives you access to more than 7,000 climbing schools from all over the world with the maximum information, precise locations, photos, and all this frequently updated by the international community of climbers. It allows you to find the closest Climbing Schools around you, allows you to organize climbing trips and know the reference guides in your area

It has an annual subscription that will be automatically renewed in your iTunes account after the free trial offered by the app. You will be able to synchronize all your devices in the same account so that you can have all the information at hand from any device, at any time and place.


27 crags


Discover rock climbing topos made by local climbers. 27 Crags connects climbers from all over the world for them to share their best knowledge about climbing spots. You will be able to discover sport, trad and boulder climbing areas on the world map, browse topos and plan your next climbing trip, download topos and use them offline, although this feature is only available with the premium version.

You will be able to use the GPS feature in the app and find your way to the boulders with ease. You will be able to keep track of your achievements with a list, and you can also plan your climbs with a task list, create your own maps and share your knowledge on your favorite gyms and publish them as Premium.

Your climbing guide |  27 crags
Your climbing guide |  27 crags

Apps to control your training

In addition to tutorial apps, there are also other types of apps that help you monitor your training and save records so you can see how your progress is going and all the activity you’ve done in the last few months or weeks.

Training App (including Apple Watch)


In a rather hidden way, Apple offers us the possibility of choose from a total of 61 activities that do not appear normally in the Training app. That is, we have running, walking, swimming, cycling, elliptical or climbing. There’s an easy way to add these workouts as well, and even make them always appear on the Apple Watch.

  1. Open the training app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Start a new training of the type ‘Other’ and with the objective ‘Free’
  3. Perform the normal training or wait a couple of minutes if not, otherwise it will not be registered as training.
  4. Here it is important, in the summary that they give us of the training, before pressing ‘OK’ you must press ‘Name’.
  5. Choose one of the many activities that the Apple Watch shows you in the list.
  6. Save the activity by pressing ‘Ok’.
  7. Finish the training

Redpoint: bouldering and climbing


This is the best app to record your bouldering and climbing sessions automatically. Redpoint gives you detailed insight and advice on your ascents. You can use your Apple Watch as a fitness meter in your bouldering or climbing sessions. Your workouts will be saved in iHealthKit and you can see them in both the Health app and the Workout app.

After each session, you will see detailed information about your climbs: total height, your heart rate, duration, maximum altitude in the ascents, ascent speed, difficulty of the routes and most importantly: Redpoint will give you personalized advice to train based on this data , and also creates a personalized training plan for you to achieve your next climbing goals. Thanks to an advanced artificial intelligence engine we are able to classify your movements while climbing directly on your Apple Watch. We also use the barometer in your watch to measure climbed altitude. You can monitor the difficulty of the routes you take directly from your Apple Watch.



With this app you will be able to follow the trainings prepared by world-class climbers and trainers, such as Tom Randall and Ollie Torr. Each workout is designed to help climbers improve their endurance, strength and power, conditioning and mobility.

Interactive workouts take you step-by-step through the exercises in each workout. The built-in timer is designed specifically for climbing workouts like hangboarding and interval circuits. You’ll be able to track the workouts you’ve completed with the click of a button, and you’ll be able to see your progress using Crimpd’s built-in analytics.

developer: Crimpd Inc.

FIT climbing training

FIT climbing

FIT climbing offers you apps to plan your sport climbing and bouldering training. There is a standard variant and a pro variant for progressive workouts for all levels. Get started now to become a stronger, more complete climber.

You will be able to plan and follow your own workouts with videos with 3D demonstrations so that you learn to do the exercises correctly. You can get high intensity intervals based on different heart rate zones and it has more than 1000 exercises and workouts that adapt depending on your progression

FIT climbing training
FIT climbing training

Ascend Climbing Tracker


It allows you to record a climb and this app makes it very simple and intuitive. You’ll be able to effortlessly track your personal bests and continue to see your improvements with Ascend’s progress reports. You can see the number of climbs achieved and falls, the number of climbs indoors and outdoors. You’ll also be able to see the difficulty of shipping climbs vs. drops and the difficulty of indoor vs. outdoor climbs.

An application to keep in mind since it is one of the most complete that you can find in the App Store. Its simple interface means that you can use it without problems or complications and everything is well registered and saved so that you can follow your progress without problems.

What are our favorites?

Of the review apps, it stands out 27 crags. A simple app that has a large community of climbers from around the world with whom you can share your progress. Its interface is simple and you can add your own routes so that everyone can see and follow it.

Of the monitoring apps, redpoint is the app that stands out above the rest. It has everything you need in an app, and it has a very well-integrated interface designed for the Apple Watch, which is a big plus. It is one of the most downloaded and the most used by climbers of all levels.