Cold War, alternative endings that you can choose

ATTENTION SPOILERS: How can you think about, if subsequent we’re going to inform you the choices that you can have accessible when selecting the tip of the sport, you will perceive that every little thing you will discover subsequent is a succession of spoilers that you shouldn’t see if you need to keep virgin so far as the historical past of the Cold War marketing campaign is anxious.

Alternate endings Cold War

Knowing this, it will likely be as much as you to proceed studying what stays of the textual content, so hopefully you are usually not stunned by a few of the surprises that the sport has in its remaining stretch.

The finish of Cold War

Alternate endings Cold War

As in any battle, on the finish of the sport we can have winners and losers, and it will likely be as much as you to outline who shall be who. After chasing Perseus all through the sport, you will attain the interrogation degree, the place you should attempt to keep in mind and keep in mind what occurred in that bunker the place you took shelter in Vietnam.

Nothing is farther from actuality. The CIA brokers will find yourself confessing that you are literally a product of a program of the group that is chargeable for introducing reminiscences by medicine and hypnosis periods, since you are an previous Russian militant who was captured with the concept of ​​discovering the origin and placement of Perseus.

And it will likely be at that exact second that you must choose which aspect to choose. You can inform the reality, and inform the place Perseus is to keep away from the destruction of the West with the detonation of all of the nuclear bombs that the United States had hidden all through the European continent, or quite the opposite, you can misinform them and put together an ambush with which kill all brokers. What to choose?

The choices are:

  • [Decir la verdad] Solovetsky. In the Solovetsky monastery.
  • [Mentir] Duga. On the radar antennas close to Duga.

The “good” ending

Good ending Cold War

You determine to assist the CIA, and reveal that Perseus is within the Solovetsky monastery. You will go to the place with your complete CIA workforce to assault the monastery and deactivate the radar with which Perseus intends to activate nuclear weapons. After reaching it and celebrating it, you will meet with Adler to speak, and that shall be when the tip is revealed. A gun shall be pointed at you and photographs shall be heard. Who died?

Good ending Cold War

The “dangerous” ending

Alternate endings Cold War

Your communist blood might face up to the American stress and you determined to lie. Your reply was Duga, an previous radio station of gigantic dimensions that emitted a radio sign between 1976 and 1989. Your plan is to persuade them that this gigantic antenna shall be answerable for emitting the activation sign for the bombs, nevertheless Upon reaching the place, they’ll uncover that every little thing is abandoned.

After chatting and confessing that every little thing was a lie, they’ll kill you and the bombs shall be activated by Perseus in one other a part of the world. The Russians have gained.

The “final dangerous” ending

Alternate endings Cold War

You do the identical, lie, and ship them to Duga, however earlier than beginning the mission, you determine to tell your comrades by a fast radio message. This will arrange an ambush that, after giving the correct sign, will trigger the Russians to straight assault the CIA brokers who have been utterly baffled by the state of affairs.

This will begin a brand new confrontation through which you must kill all of the brokers, leaving Adler for final, who will attempt unsuccessfully to stab you abruptly, and who will finish along with his knife caught within the chest. In the tip, after your nice work, Perseus permits you to have the dignity of initiating the activation sequence of the nuclear bombs.

Collateral injury

Alternate endings Cold War

These are the 2 endings that exist within the sport, nevertheless, the tip sequences of every finish shall be accompanied by particulars that could differ relying on how you have accomplished the missions all through the marketing campaign. Especially the 2 secondary missions that seem as operations, Red Circus and Chaos, the place you may also should decipher an encrypted floppy disk and establish three Russian secret brokers as secondary enigmas previous to the mission.

Among these choices and aspect missions you will discover the next:

  • Decide the destiny of Quasim Javadi
  • Decide the destiny of Anton Volkov
  • Result of Operation Chaos
  • Result of Operation Red Circus
  • An agent will die in Cuba. You determine who it will likely be on the final minute.