Communicate with me is Biwenger: everything you need to know

Biwenger is a name that will sound like many of you, although this is his new name. Since it was previously known as Comuniame, this fantasy that has had a great acceptance among the public, also among Android users. This virtual fantasy manager is an option that has been available on the market for some time and has a legion of followers.

Users form a team with which they will compete every weekend that there is football at the highest level. The manager will be getting points in this way, which is the equivalent of having won the game on the weekend. Many users are interested in Comuniame, known as Biwenger now. Therefore, we will tell you more about this game below.

Many users have even created their own Comuniame competition, where we find competitive templates, all with closed budgets per component. If you want to know more about Biwenger, we tell you what you need to know about it in this guide.

Communicate becomes Biwenger

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As many of you already know, it was a few years when Comuniame’s name became Biwenger. The latter is the one that uses the platform, all after having made the decision to seek expansion in the international market. Biwenger is a name that is generally easier to pronounce, as well as when you want to look it up on the web or in an app store. This name change was an important step, which allowed it to reach millions of people in this way.

Now Biwenger is the official fantasy manager of AS, which is the medium that supports it. This union has allowed them to be the service par excellence when it comes to creating a team and being able to compete every day in this way. Biwenger is also available as an app. An application that is available in the different stores of mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

First steps to play

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When we want to start playing in Biwenger, the first thing we have to do is create an account. We will only need an email and a password for it. With this we will be able to access the creation of a team, something possible in various sports, such as soccer. Here you will also be able to choose if you are going to play alone or accompanied, in addition to choosing an official League or a random one. You will be able to choose the name of the team, the system to be used in it, the player cards for your team and start playing then.

It is important to cover all positions in your team. Since if you don’t do this, we will be penalized with negative points (-4 points to be specific). Therefore, it is good to take a look during the week so that we know what we can use. Comuniame closes eleven normally from Fridays, which is when the day of the League begins. So it is important that we are always going to be attentive to this and have the team ready.