Complement your free Avast antivirus with these programs

software security

It is something that we have talked about on many occasions, we refer to the importance of having an antivirus installed on your computer. This will protect you against all kinds of attacks and malicious codes that come from abroad. We can choose from a multitude of proposals, one of the best known is avast.

It is true that his own microsoft operating system, which is the most common on desktop computers, has its own software in this regard. We are talking about the security solution called Windows Defender, a proposal that does not stop growing thanks to the constant updates it receives from the firm. However, many users still do not trust this antivirus. They prefer to make use of third-party solutions that, for example, have been helping for many years.

We can find elements of this type both free and paid, and within the first modality, perhaps one of the best known is that of Avast. Once we have decided on one of these generic alternatives, we may want to strengthen the protection of our data and operating system in some cases. We tell you all this because in addition to the antivirus, in this case Avast, we can make the decision to install other additional security programs. This is precisely what we want to talk about next.

Keep in mind that an antivirus protects us against all kinds of malicious code in general. But at the same time we can make use of other solutions that focus on certain malware formats or use other protection methods.

Programs that help Avast antivirus to protect the PC

Initially, it is to be expected that as the main operating system we will use Windows 10 or Windows 11 from Microsoft. Therefore, in this sense, a program that focuses on increasing privacy and eliminating the telemetry of this software could help us. This way it wouldn’t hurt install DoNotSpy10 , an application that offers us a multitude of customizable parameters to increase the privacy of the Microsoft system. In addition, it is worth noting that it will be very easy to set up and use to this end.

One of the most common types of attack that we can receive is from some malicious spyware. Taking this into account, we can also install a program for it as a complement. For example, this is the case for spyware blaster, a solution that is responsible for protecting us against malicious software whose objective is spy on us and collect information without us being aware of it.

And focusing on security, although Windows offers us its own, we can also make the decision to install a firewall. This will take care of protect and scan all connections, both incoming and outgoing, that are carried out on our computer. For all this that we tell you, we can use ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, a solution that has been with us for many years. Here it should be noted that the software presents us with several customizable security modules to protect our equipment.

In these lines we also want to focus on one of the most feared and used types of malicious code today. Specifically, we refer to ransomware, attacks that they hijack our computer and its data asking for a ransom.

But we can always install specific software that protects us against this format. A clear example of all this can be found in Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware, a specific protection solution for this that we tell you about and that complements the Avast antivirus.