Configure the folders on your hard drive that you want to use in GIMP

gimp disk folders

When it comes to editing photos there are several programs that will be very helpful, as is the case with the GIMP open source project. This is an application that could be considered as one of the main competitors of the popular Adobe Photoshop that most of you know very well.

But of course, many of the users carry out some simple and basic touch-ups on their images and do not want complications or expenses. This is done before saving them in our personal library, or to share them through social networks or messaging applications. Therefore, not everyone is willing to pay the price that the software giant offers us for its popular program. At this point GIMP It becomes an excellent totally free alternative that, in addition, in case we need them, offers us a multitude of advanced, almost professional functions.

That is precisely why many consider this project as a more than functional alternative to the aforementioned Photoshop. However, despite all that this software solution offers us, we should also take advantage of some of its customizable features to adapt its operation to what we need. This is precisely what we want to talk about in these same lines, all related to updating the use of disk drives.

If we start from the basis that this application offers us some advanced features, this means that we are not talking about just any program. It has a high consumption of hard disk, although we can always customize the folders that we are going to use for its different components. Precisely all of this that we want to talk about next, changes that we can carry out quickly and easily, as we will see.

Make these changes in GIMP to improve hard drive usage

Once we have downloaded and installed the photo editor , we normally run it. But at the same time we must bear in mind that we have a series of parameters to customize the use and operation of GIMP. In the event that you want to take a look at all this that we tell you, we only have to go to the Edit / Preferences menu option. Here we will find, in the left panel, all the sections that we have the possibility of customizing in the program.

In the case at hand, we must place ourselves in the last available option, which is precisely the so-called folders. If we look carefully at these sections, we see that some of them have a + sign located on the left side. When clicking on it, other secondary sections are displayed, something that we find in the aforementioned Folders.

At this moment we meet several important components of GIMP where we can personalize your disk storage folders. Here we see elements such as brushes, palettes, gradients, accessories, topicsmodules, fontsetc.

gimp folders

Therefore, we only have to click on each of these elements so that the folders used by default appear in the right panel. By clicking on these entries we will be able to customize your disk location to, for example, use other units in which we have more free space.