Connect mouse to keyboard USB, is there performance loss?

There are few keyboards which can be presently available on the market, particularly these fashions oriented to the gaming, which incorporate USB Passthrough, a USB connector on the keyboard itself that enables us to join different units, akin to pen drives, the wi-fi receiver of a headset or our personal mouse. However, within the gaming ecosystem, customers at all times search for the most performance And due to this fact it is inevitable to ask the query whether or not the mouse will lose performance when connecting it to this USB of the keyboard.

USB Passthrough consists of a USB port constructed into the keyboard itself, often USB 2.0 (though it is true that some keyboard fashions already incorporate USB 3.0), designed not to “lose” a USB port of the PC when connecting the keyboard itself to it, in order that we will reuse it to join different units, no extra, no much less . However, not all USB ports on keyboards are the identical and there are some particular instances through which it is not really helpful that you simply join your mouse.

Do not join the mouse to the USB of the keyboard if it doesn’t have two connectors

As we mentioned, not all producers combine the USB Passthrough within the keyboard in the identical means, and actually to be devoted to the reality, there are some who name it that when it is not likely. Technically, USB Passthrough is nothing greater than a bridge (passthrough means “go by way of”), and for this the keyboard should incorporate two USB connectors: one to function the keyboard itself, and the second connector exactly to serve this USB port.


In this fashion, the second USB connector on the keyboard merely acts as a bridge and its connector Built-in USB it’ll have precisely the identical powers because the USB port of the PC to which you might have related it, thus providing you with all its performance. Therefore, in case your keyboard has USB Passthrough and has two USB connectors, you’ll be able to join your gaming mouse to it with out concern as a result of you should have precisely the identical end result as if you happen to related it straight to the PC.

The factor adjustments with these keyboards which have a USB Passthrough connector however that solely join to the PC by way of a USB connector; on this case, the identical connector will serve to serve each the keyboard and mentioned USB port, sharing bandwidth information and voltage, so when connecting a high-performance gaming mouse to this port performance could also be impaired, with sporadic disconnections, lighting that doesn’t work, “jerks” or with its diminished polling price. In truth, when connecting a high-performance mouse to a keyboard of those traits, the identical factor can occur to you on the keyboard itself for a similar purpose, though the machine will give possession to its personal operation earlier than the machine that you’ve related to its USB.

As a common rule, with a single USB 2.Zero port you’ll have already got sufficient to service a keyboard and mouse, so in lots of instances you’ll not likely have main issues. The drawback comes with gaming units, whose RGB lighting and high-performance sensors make the ability consumption significantly greater than in a traditional peripheral, which is why a single USB 2.Zero connector could also be inadequate for this. In case that keyboard be USB 3.0 the factor adjustments, and on this case you’ll not usually have issues in the identical means as you’ll not have them if the keyboard has two USB connectors.