Control your LG TV with your voice thanks to Alexa

control alexa voice

If you have a lg tv and you want to start using the amazon voice assistant With it, we tell you about the ways you can do it whether the model you have is compatible with the service or not, making a small investment that is worth it. You will discover how to make the experience simpler, more intuitive and you will be able to enjoy TV max with Alexa.

In addition, we tell you what are the Alexa-compatible models and how to find out if your TV is. If you are thinking of buying a new model, check with the box or with the seller to verify that you will be able to take full advantage of its possibilities with this voice assistant. Now all you have to do is find out if your TV is compatible and take advantage of the possibilities available to you to use your TV with your voice.

Alexa Compatible LG TVs

In order to connect your LG TV to Alexa, the first thing you have to do is check the compatibility of your device with the Alexa app, as this is necessary to do it natively and more easily. To do this, you will need to have a model with Web OS 4.5 or later, except for some small exception that having this operating system is not compatible. In addition to LG Smart TVs, models from brands such as Advance, Blaupunkt, Eko, JSW, Manta, Polaroid, RCA, Seiki, Skytech, Ayonz, Dualshine, Konka, Silicon Player, Skyworth, Xianyou and others will be supported.

To find out what the operating system of a television is, you can check it in the box if you still keep it or in the own tv. You just have to go to the menu All Settingsthen go to General and then look for the TV information on your TV in the section About of this TV. In the settings of your remote control you will go there to obtain this data. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll find out if the model is WebOS 4.5, later or earlier. Also, knowing the model, you can make the query on the Internet. Once you know it’s compatible, you can easily connect it now. If it isn’t, skip to the settings for unsupported TVs using Fire TV.

Connect LG Smart TV to Alexa

Connecting your LG Smart TV to Alexa is much simpler than you can imagine, since so many steps will not be necessary since this will be something integrated. LG’s proprietary ThinQ AI and voice recognition technologies let you speak to the Advanced Magic Remote to do what you want or get the information you need. Also, if your TV has the Skill in the Alexa store to control your TV by voice on your LG model, you can choose to directly integrate the speaker amazon echo to make it easier, although many models do not have it.

  • What you have to do to control your TV with the remote is to go to the app store of your TV and look for the alexa apps and give to install.
  • Once you have downloaded the Alexa application, you can scan it with your mobile with the QR code of the screen or enter the indicated website.
  • on mobile you will log in with your Amazon account from there and you will approve the terms and conditions.
  • In any case, if another option appears, you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen and identify yourself with your Amazon account.

You also need the magic remote control, since it has an integrated micro to use with this service. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to buy it because the other remote that comes with the TV won’t work as it doesn’t have a built-in microphone, but first check that your TV is compatible. The LG Magic Remote is very easy to use and automatically connects to and recognizes set-top boxes, sound bars, and other compatible devices.

In this way, you will only have to long-press the Amazon Prime Video button and talk to the remote to do whatever you want with it, from playing music to changing channels to controlling your smart home, telling a joke or whatever you want. you just need use voice commands for it. The only drawback is that you have to press the button on the remote to speak. What’s more. you have to hold it down while you speak and release when you stop.

Until now, and still now, if your TV is compatible and you don’t have the Alexa on your smartphone or do you prefer to control it by mobilethe first thing you have to do is download it for Android or iOS.

After downloading the application, you must continue with the following steps:

  • You will have to confirm your voiceyou can skip this step, and indicate if you want it to work with the unlocked phone.
  • Follow some instructions and it will be installed.
  • Start session.
  • Go to the Alexa main menu to Options.
  • Choose Skills and games.
  • Within the category gives the magnifying glass (to search).
  • Search SmartThinQ and allows the use of the App.

smart think

  • Then sign in with your LG, Amazon, Google or social media account.
  • After bind heryou must give discover devices and select the TV.


This is the way you can connect your TV to Alexa through the mobile app, although you will find it much easier and more convenient to do it with the remote control if you already have the app on your TV. If the Alexa app does not appear on your television and you do not want to use your mobile, there is a model of Amazon Fire TV with remote to use Alexa via a special button as long as this is an Alexa-enabled device.

Not Compatible: Control with Amazon Fire TV

The fire tv stick is Alexa-enabled. It is a very interesting device in many models and brands of television since it turns any television into a Smart TV and allows the mobile to be synchronized with it. There are versions with Alexa voice control. You just have to connect to the Internet and your TV through the HDMI port to access a large number of applications and content, internet browsing, listening to music and much more, even if your LG TV is not smart.

To be able to use your Amazon Fire TV without a remote, the first thing you have to do is open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device (we have already told you where to do it before).

fire tv alexa

If you hit the Devices screen in the Plus that appears at the top you will search for a new device or give TV and video and it will appear to you. Afterwards, you have to select FireTV and select Link your Alexa device. Enter your login information to complete the process. So you can control your TV with your TV Stick with the convenience of using your smartphone and configure it according to your needs.

Step by step, the process is as follows:

  • Open Alexa
  • gives to Devices (bottom of page)


  • gives to + (top of page)
  • Choose add device

add device

  • In the search engine, type FireTV

search fire tv

  • You can also go down to All devices (which is seen in the image)
  • Select the TV category and from there choose FireTV
  • Proceed to pair your device and wait a bit

fire tv alexa

Most frequent control commands

If you want to control your TV with Alexa, it is important that you know what the voice commands are more common, although you can customize it in the application itself to make the most satisfying experiencefor example, changing the name of your television to make it easier for you to use or customize the different possibilities of giving commands.

Some of the most common control commands that you will have to use frequently are the following:

  • Alexa, turn up or down the volume of Nombredelatele
  • Alexa, turn up the volume by 10 points
  • Alexa, previous channel
  • alexa next channel
  • Alexa, play this channel
  • Alexa, repeat
  • Alexa, go to channel Anything
  • Alexa, change the input to HDMI1 on the TV
  • Alexa, turn the TV on or off
  • alexa mute the tv