CoreCycler, program to optimize your AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU

Not all chips that go away a manufacturing unit beneath the identical mannequin are the identical, since there are variations within the manufacture of every piece of {hardware}. All producers normally incorporate a level of tolerance during which a processor will function, each in voltage and clock pace. That is why there are CPUs that may be adjusted by the consumer, both in voltage, clock pace or each.

What is CoreCycler?


CoreCycler is an unofficial instrument created by an individual who calls himself spoon82, which performs an in depth evaluation of every core independently utilizing Prime95. In this fashion we will know which cores carry out the most effective and which don’t in an AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU.

The instrument additionally generates an inventory of potential errors which have occurred through the testing section and proposals for the consumer to manually alter the parameters of the completely different cores of their CPU. It shouldn’t be subsequently an overclocking instrument however an ideal companion to these, if you’re a consumer of one of many CPUs primarily based on Zen three it’ll permit you to overclock the processor extra safely and reliably.


CoreCycler makes use of Prime95, a instrument used to verify the steadiness of the CPU and RAM cores by means of a stress check. This instrument can be included within the utility package deal.

As of model 0.8, it additionally helps AIDA64 and Y-Cruncher. However, AIDA64 shouldn’t be included within the package deal, so you’ll have to obtain it individually.

Before utilizing CoreCycler

CPU Burned

Keep in thoughts that the usage of CoreCycler can have an sudden and completely deadly outcome for your pc’s CPU, so if it seems to be completely fried and unusable due to utilizing this instrument, do not blame us and neither does the creator. of the script.

The motive why we make this discover is as a result of Prime95 that’s utilized by CoreCycler raises the clock pace and subsequently its temperatures at excessive ranges and in a protracted time frame. That is why in case you have a PC with poor cooling or you might be utilizing a laptop computer with no good air flow system then we advocate that you simply do with out utilizing CoreCycler.

On the opposite hand, if your PC has a well-thought-out cooling system you can add something to, then do not be afraid to use CoreCycler to learn how to get essentially the most out of your Ryzen 5000. Of course, in case you have one in all these CPU with a comparatively excessive voltage we don’t advocate doing the stress check, since to the quantity of hours during which it has to work if we add a excessive voltage and a excessive clock pace then

How does it work?

Ryzen Chiplets 3000 5000 6000 7000

What CoreCycler does is run Prime95 on a single CPU and a single thread of execution to cycle to the opposite cores, it’ll accomplish that for 12 hours for every core and subsequently 6 hours per thread of execution. In such a manner that in case you have a 6-core CPU like an AMD Ryzen 5 5600 it’ll take 72 hours to full the check in full, however when you do it on a 16-core CPU such because the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X then this check will take no extra a minimum of 192 hours.

If the variety of hours appears extreme, you possibly can carry out the check in much less time. Of course, the creator of the instrument recommends a steady check of 12 hours per core to have the absolute best information assortment and make a extra exact analysis after which ship the data.

The motive why it doesn’t run the check with all of the cores is as a result of the CPU itself is designed to attain most clock speeds with all of them activated than one after the other, so it might not be doable to get the utmost pace from every of them. if the script have been to run on all cores without delay.

How to run the script?

Ryzen 9 5900X

Below this text you’ve got the hyperlink from the place you possibly can obtain CoreCycler, after you have achieved it you simply have to run the next file: Run CoreCycler.bat and let the program do its job.

The program doesn’t have a graphical interface, since within the background it’s a PowerShell or command immediate script. It is subsequently what years in the past we referred to as a text-mode or «MS-DOS» utility. The solely manner to configure it? Through the archive config.default.ini. This file is positioned in the identical folder as the appliance and it’s important not to change its title or its location.

CoreCycler Settings


In the File config.default.ini the parameters to change to do the stress check are the next:

  • With runtimePerCore = 6m We can resolve how lengthy the stress check lasts, it could actually final between 1 minute and 60 minutes, the longer it lasts the extra data it could actually get, however you even have to bear in mind that it’s a larger hazard for the processor. Its default worth is 6 minutes.
  • With suspendPeriodically = 1, which is a Boolean worth, we activate the check to take a break once in a while, if the worth is Zero it’ll carry out the check with out breaks. For larger processor stability, we advocate not touching this worth.
  • We can select during which order the check is carried out with coreTestOrder, the place the default possibility is Default, during which if our CPU has greater than Eight cores, 2 CCD, then it makes use of Alternate execution, whether it is lower than Eight cores then Sequential.
    • Sequential performs the check core by core in label order of every.
    • Random performs the check core by core however randomly.
    • Alternate It is simply out there if the CPU has 2 CCDs, it first assessments the primary core of the primary CCD, then the primary core of the second CCD, then the second core of the primary CCD, and so forth.
  • Yes skipCoreOnError it has a price of 1 so when an error happens in a kernel the check passes the subsequent one, if the worth is Zero proceed to carry out the check in that kernel. Instead ceaseOnError it’s at Zero within the preliminary configuration, which implies that the execution will cease in its tracks if it encounters an error.
  • We could make the program use the two threads of every kernel by various the worth of quantityOfThreads in 1 or 2. The program doesn’t assist extra threads. We may restrict the variety of iterations that the check has to do with maxIterations which is about to 10000 by default.
  • And to end, within the occasion that you don’t want the check to final indefinitely and for sure cores then the parameter that you’ve to change is coresToIgnore, then putting the completely different kernels separated by a comma and so as, do not forget that the primary is kernel 0.

However, now you can use CoreCycler to get essentially the most out of your AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU when it comes to overclocking.