Create works of art from text with Artificial Intelligence from Shutterstock

Artificial Intelligence Shutterstock

There is no doubt that in recent months those platforms and applications that use the Artificial intelligence to generate images. Somehow this allows us to become digital artists with minimal effort.

In fact, we can affirm that some large technology firms are entering this field of AI. This allows all those users who need to create certain specific images, to do it in the simplest way and to benefit from the Artificial Intelligence integrated into these platforms. These months ago we have told you about some interesting proposals focused on this type of multimedia tasks.

Well, then we will talk about another web application with these characteristics that comes to us from the popular Shutterstock. It is very possible that this platform that we mentioned is familiar to most of you. It is one of the websites that has provided us with images for years, we are referring to free-use photos that we have downloaded on more than one occasion from here. We tell you all this because the platform has now been introduced in this sector related to the AI ​​that we are talking about.

As you can imagine, all this will allow you to obtain photos of all kinds and become artists in the easiest way. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, say that you can create those images from texts that you type in the application as such. As it is easy to suppose, to start working with all this we only have to use our favorite Internet browser.

Create Photos with Shutterstock’s AI

In the event that you want to take a look at this new application based on Artificial Intelligence to create images from text, you can do it from the official website of the platform . The first thing you find is a brief description of the purpose and mode of operation of the application itself. We must bear in mind that at the top of the main interface we find a text box that will help us to interact with this AI.

It is interesting to know at this point that to generate our images from the texts we type, we can use multiple languages. Obviously among these we find the language of Cervantes in order to facilitate these artistic works. We must also take into account that the platform proposes several ideas in the form of photos based on the text that we have generated in the box that we mentioned before.

AI photos

At the bottom of the interface we find the samples generated through the AI ​​that integrates this platform. From that moment we will only have to click on the image that interests us in each case to enlarge it and interact with it. Taking into account that we are on the Shutterstock website, today we will have the possibility to download those photos for free. Of course, for this we will need to register through a email to carry out these downloads.

We have the possibility of downloading images for free during the trial period for a month, after which we will have to pay $29 per month.