Create your animations to share on WhatsApp with this function of Google Photos

Animations Google Photos

When Google Photos hit the market, it was automatically proclaimed as the best platform to save a copy of all the photos and videos we took with our smartphone, since we didn’t have any space limits. However, 5 years after its launch, in 2020, Google announced that the open bar And, if we wanted to use this platform to save our photos and videos, we had to submit to the limit of the space that we had contracted.

Taking into account that most smartphones use very high compression formats, and that Google also allows us to further compress the size maintaining qualityGoogle Photos continues to be an excellent option to have a backup copy of the photos and videos that we take with our smartphone at hand.

In addition, it offers us a large number of additional functions that we cannot find on other similar platforms or video editing applications, such as the possibility of blurring the background of images and deleting objects, to name the most important. But, it also makes available to us the possibility of create videos and animations with all the content stored on the platform.

How to create animations in Google Photos

Google Photos allows us to create animations using a maximum number of images of 50 and a minimum number of 2, otherwise it is not an animation. The function that allows us to create animations with photographs that we have stored in Google Photos, is found in the section utilitiesoption available in the section on the left of Google Photos, just after the albums that we have created or that Google Photos has created for us.

When clicking on utilities, different options will be displayed: Movie, animation and collage. The one that interests us animations. After selecting this option, all the photographs that we have stored on this platform will be displayed by date. As I mentioned above, we must select a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 to finally click on Create, button located in the upper right corner.

If we don’t want to scroll through the web to find the photos we want to use, we can use the upper search box by entering the search terms that allow us to locate the images we want to use. This function only allows us to use photographs, not videos. Once we click on create, then Google will show us an animation that we can download in GI formatF to be able to share on WhatsApp or any other messaging platform.

If we want to edit a photo, we can do it by clicking on it when it plays in the animation. The order that Google Photos uses to create the animation is based on date, that is, it will show the most recent images first and the oldest images last. To download this animation, we must click on the three vertical points located in the upper right corner and select the option Discharge.

Animations Google Photos

In addition, it will also be saved in our Google Photos account. We can differentiate the animation from that of photographs and videos because it shows some stars in the upper right part. If we want to delete the animation, we just have to select it and click on the trash can icon located at the top.