Curved, 34” and 4K: Xiaomi sweeps its gaming monitor for €350

Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor with background

The choosing a monitor It is especially important when we talk about computer equipment. You can have a very powerful desktop computer, with the latest graphics possible, but if you don’t accompany it with a good monitor, it won’t do any good to have the latest hardware. For this reason, today we help you choose a monitor with one of the best from Xiaomi: the 34-inch curved one from the Chinese brand.

And it is because of him price available (on offer), it is difficult to find something that is similar in performance. Not only for gaming, but for any day-to-day task such as working or watching videos… And €150 discount on a monitor is a not insignificant amount. We tell you everything about the monitor you see below!

Xiaomi Mi Monitor: the top of the range

First of all, we talk about a 34 inch monitor, which is a considerable size. It is slightly above average in terms of size, something that you will appreciate so as not to strain your eyes and be able to have it at a certain distance on your desk. As far as design is concerned, it has reduced bezels, which makes it even more premium. It comes with a light but resistant base at all times. Do you already know how to choose a good monitor?

Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor Screen

But the important thing comes in the resolution offered: 3440 x 1440 pixels with a response time of just 4 ms. It provides the most excellent details and a color gamut of 121%, that is, the most vivid and that you will appreciate in every detail.

One of the most striking details of this monitor is the refresh rate of 144 Hz. That represents a considerable increase over the competition and over the more typical monitors such as 60Hz. You will enjoy the most absolute fluidity in all kinds of vibrant images, and in video games, linearity will be appreciated with difference.

It includes AMD FreeSync Premium, which syncs the output frame rate to your graphics card (only if you have an AMD though). As far as its physical section is concerned, it is also tiltable 15º backwards and another 5º forwards. You can rotate it 40º and adjust the height to your liking, optimizing your workplace or game. Includes VESA support to hang it on the wall, and the base is removable. Can you ask for something more?

It includes two HDMI 2.0 as well as a Next generation DisplayPort 1.4, which you will need to connect if you want to enjoy the maximum 144 Hz. It also includes USB connections at the rear.

And now on sale!

We were impatiently waiting for this part of the article to tell you that this Xiaomi monitor is on sale for a limited time: we are talking that it has gone from 499.99 euros to only 350.95 euros, that means it is 30% off! A bargain at the height of the circumstances.

And we tell you honestly: it is difficult to find a competitor for this monitor for this price, take advantage! We leave you the link below: