Cyber ​​Monday is here: don’t miss it!

The cyber monday It has reached all the webs with great force. And if you thought you had already seen it all with Black Friday, nothing could be further from the truth! Laptops, monitors… And even the top air fryer on the market! Xiaomi! and all with great discounts.

After Black Friday, we don’t have time to recover from this hangover of offers because the cyber monday. If you had missed the juiciest deals, today is the day to go all out. Many web pages take the opportunity to offer scandalous discounts. Keep reading!

Computer Cyber ​​Monday: great bargains!

We start with those computer offers that will leave you speechless. The first device that we bring in this section is this display Of the brand pccom. It’s the Elysium model. curved of 27 inchesa jewel both to play and to work.

has a curvature 1800 Rhas an incredible Full HD resolution and a 165 Hz refresh rate. From PcComponentes they indicate that the action of the game arrives in real time. There will be no lag, there will be no problems, and the games will be more fluid than ever. To this we must add that it has AMD FreeSync technology.

It hardly has any frames, and everything in its design screams that it is specifically designed for you to get the most out of your games. And it is compatible with VESA mount! Their price has suffered a major fall, and now it will be yours for only €199.

You need peripherals? In that case, this pack Logitech MK270 It’s everything you can imagine. This keyboard and mouse combo will allow you to increase your productivity to the maximum, and with an almost negligible cost. because it has a 49% discount!

Both are wireless, with which you can completely disconnect from the cables. In addition, they have a usb receiver which will help make the wireless connection much more reliable. Both the keyboard and the mouse are durable and resistant, easy to use and perfect for your day to day. And they cost only €22!

The lightest laptop in the world

We can’t stop talking about this lg gram laptop, which has a 22% discount and that makes it a minimum price. It is one of the lightest laptops that you will be able to find, since it weighs 1.3kg despite having a large screen 17 inches. Internally you will not be able to have a single complaint, as you will see below.

LG Gram 17 inch

The screen, as we have pointed out, is very large. It has a ratio of 16:10, and 11% more space than the previous generation. In addition, to that we must add that it has a extremely slim bezel on all four sides. It’s ideal for taking on a trip and working just about anywhere.

Do not think that because it is light it is no longer resistant, since it is made of a magnesium and nanocarbon chassis. Beyond this, it has a 12th generation Intel EVO TM i7 processorwith twelve cores and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.7 GHz. In addition, it has a RAM of 32 GB and an internal storage of 1 TB.

Despite the fact that its price is close to €2,099, right now it will be yours for €1,679.

Xiaomi Air Fryer, a smart speaker and more!

We continue with the offers, although in this case we went to a home section. Because we are going to talk about speakers, smart scales and even air fryers. And let’s start with the latter!

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer It is, without a doubt, one of the most complete that you will find on the market. It has a capacity of 3.5 liters, ideal for day to day. In addition, it has a power not inconsiderable of 1,500 w.

xiaomi mi smart fryer

One of its great advantages is that it has a connection to digital assistant, and is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa. It allows you to cook healthy quickly, as well as make use of eight cooking programs totally different. And you can even manage it with your smartphone! You can get her for only €83.

did you want one smart scale, but without investing a lot of money? Well, we finished our selection in the best possible way with this scale. It is Amazfitand it has fallen below €41 thanks to the 25% discount it has right now.

amazfit scale

You will not only weigh youbut will also take care of measure your body fat percentage. And you can even do a detailed study of how it can affect your physical condition.

This scale, although it may appear to have a very low price, is capable of complete monitoring of up to 16 metrics of your body. It will constantly monitor how you are, and will allow you to make the most of this knowledge. In addition, as a plus, you can even do an analysis of the balance ability.

Take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday in the easiest way possible with all these offers, and enjoy it to the fullest!