Daredevil season 4 on Disney+? The clues to believe in it


In the next few days, some of the most popular Marvel series, which originally came to light on Netflix, will land on Disney +. Although at the moment Spain is not among the confirmed countries, the expectation is already evident around this movementand especially because they have automatically caused rumors about a possible season 4 of Daredevil.

Clues to hold on to

You only have to see what the audiovisual industry has become, with large studios that channel their new content through their platforms, that do not hesitate to recover some franchises that were successful at the time, but that ended up being abandoned. Many viewers have not understood the successive cancellations of the different series of the Marvel universe, especially those that reached Netflix with renewed airs.

There are some aspects in which the followers of Daredevil to trust a fourth season already created by Disney itself. To begin with, the Charlie Cox cameo on Spider-Man No Way Homewhich somehow brings the hero back to the news, in a decision that does not seem casual and that can be understood as a reintroduction of the character in the MCU directed by Kevin Feige.


In addition, in the last hours we have known some statements from the protagonist himself, Charlie Cox, about the possibility that Disney + decides to shoot a fourth installment of the series. In the interview that he has granted to ComicBook he has affirmed that wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel decided to do it (a fourth season) so it leaves the door open for it to be something future. Even slide that something knowswhich is not too much, and that certain news about his character would be coming.

There is a but…

Undoubtedly the least square of all this expectation is the very nature of the Daredevil seen on Netflix. And it is that many see the Marvel fiction too violent and bloody by Disney+ standards, which is looking for smoother, more familiar productions in this context. So there appears on the horizon the possibility of a downgrade andAs far as the liters of blood per square meter are concerned, with the aim that it does not clash with the general Marvel catalog. But of course, a decision like that, who would be angry? Indeed! To the staunch fans of the vision that Netflix developed for the superhero in its series from 2015 onwards.

daredevil netflix disney

We wouldn’t be talking about this if the decision hadn’t been made by Disney+ to retrieve the series to have it in your catalog. Hence, many see in this movement the intention of familiarizing its tens of millions of viewers with the universe of Marvel characters through its series, and from there recovering them, not only with new seasons, but with other projects. that can intertwine the different characters of the MCU within the platform. It would not be surprising that, in the coming weeks, with the series back on Disney +, the studios can make an announcement about the future of these on their platform. We will see.