DE-CIX handled 32 exabytes of data traffic in 2020

A impartial level or Internet change level (IXP, Internet Exchange Point) is a bodily infrastructure by way of which operators change Internet traffic between their networks. The essential goal of a impartial level is to permit networks to be interconnected instantly, by way of the infrastructure, relatively than by way of a number of third-party networks, providing benefits in phrases of price, latency and bandwidth.

DE-CIX handled 32 exabytes of data traffic in 2020

One of the principle operators is DE-CIX and it’s based mostly in Frankfurt, germany. For the primary time, it has reported the full quantity of data that has handed by way of its Internet change factors in one 12 months. In complete, 32 exabytes of data traffic circulated by way of the DE-CIX Internet change nodes in 2020. Being such a big quantity, they clarify that it’s equal to the identical quantity of data that generates a video name that lasts eight tens of millions of years.

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Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX, explains that they knew that the Internet would face up to the traffic generated in 2020, nevertheless it makes them really feel proud to have the ability to quantify it. In their change factors they’ve noticed “how data traffic has elevated over the previous 12 months, particularly in traffic associated to areas corresponding to earn a living from home (for instance, video calls and VPN connections) and leisure (streaming and video games on-line)”.

If we speak about issues nearer, the purpose of change of DE-CIX in Madrid, recorded report numbers. In March 2020 a rise of 18% was noticed with a most traffic peak of 494 Gbit per second. That was nothing since in November we reached 555 Gbit per second. This identical 12 months, with out going any additional, they’ve already exceeded 600 Gbit per second.

How a lot are 32 exabytes?

In addition to understanding that it’s equal to a video name that lasts eight million years, these data permit us perceive the quantity a bit of higher we’re speaking about:

  • Data transmission pace is measured in Terabits per second (Tbit / s or Tbps)
  • 1 Terabit per second is 10 3 Gbit / s, 10 6 Mbit / s, 10 9 Kbit / s or 10 12 bit / s; or 1,000,000,000,000 bit / s.
  • 8 Terabits = 1 Terabyte (TB); 1,000,000 TB = 1 Exabyte (EB)
  • 32 EB is the quantity of data that will be transferred when having a video name that lasts virtually Eight million years.
  • 32 EB is the storage capability of greater than 250 million smartphones (every with 128 GB of storage).