Diablo IV breaks some graphics cards… SO you can prevent it from happening to yours

The nightmare that was experienced with New Worlds, the Amazon MMO, is being repeated with the Diablo IV betaspecific some graphics cards are burning when playing the game and they are turning into “pretty” paperweights. What models does it affect? Is it a problem that we have to worry about en masse? Is it Blizzard’s fault or the manufacturer of the graphics cards?

When a game that has low to medium visual quality ends up causing your graphics card’s temperature gauges to go to worrying levels and the fans running at full speed, it doesn’t have to be a problem with the card. graphics or that the PC is dirty inside. It may well be that this is making an extra effort to get a huge number of frames on the screen that is absolutely useless.

Diablo IV beta burns some graphics cards

In the last few hours, several users have appeared on the official Blizzard community, as well as on Reddit, complaining that when playing the Diablo IV beta their graphics cards are dying. The affected models? Well, it does not seem to be a problem that affects all graphics cards, but only the RTX 3080 Ti, specifically the affected model would be a GIGABYTE custom model, specifically the RTX 3080 Ti VISION OC 12Gthere is no other model known to have such a problem within the same brand.

The origin of the problem? Not limiting the amount of FPS the graphics card can render, in the end it happens that it ends up producing the maximum possible and due to the excessive workload it goes to 100%. The system ends up producing more frames per second than what our PC screen can display. That is why it is important, in games with low technical requirements and unless we have a high-frequency monitor, to limit certain titles if we do not want the GPU of the graphics card to be stressed.

How to solve it?

From the NVIDIA Control Panel we can limit the maximum FPS of the games. Our recommendation is that you do it if you have a 60 Hz panel and consequently cannot display more than 60 FPS. It is not good for the CPU and GPU to heat up making the effort to generate frames that your eyes will not see.

  1. Right-click on an empty part of the desktop and from the pop-up menu select NVIDIA control panel.
  2. Go to the section control 3D settings.
  3. Once in that section, move to the section Max Frame Rate and put it in On.
  4. This will bring up a scroll bar that will allow us to choose the maximum frame rate, choose the refresh rate of the monitor.

Limitation Frames NVIDIA

In the event that your monitor has a very high refresh rate and your graphics card overheats, a solution is to use a multiple of the frequency, usually half, but always above 60 FPS. For example, if you have a 240 Hz monitor, try limiting it to 120 Hz. Do not do it at a refresh rate that is not a multiple because there must be synchronization between the graphics card and the monitor. We hope that this will not only stop you from having issues on the RTX 3080 Ti with Diablo IV, but also in many other games.