DJI’s drone and flight goggles pack drops its price on Amazon

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DJI is one of the most recognized brands in the world of drones. Since the arrival of the first model, the following have only followed one another and confirm that it is one of the heavyweights in the industry. An example of this is the pack that we bring you here today, and with a great offer on Amazon: it consists of a Quadcopter drone and FPV flight goggles, in first person, as well as a controller and backpack. The perfect pack for the most professional drones! Let’s see what the offer consists of.

Fly high with this DJI pack!

Remember that, first of all, you need a drone pilot license for this type of device. You can get it at AESA. Regarding the drone in question, it is one of the most powerful models on the market. It’s the DJI Quadcopter. It is a device with four independent motors that They are capable of flying many kilometers. In general terms, it is a somewhat more professional model, although intended for all audiences.

The DJI FPV is sports court, for a first person flight experience and create the most spectacular and creative shots at the same time. In fact, this drone is designed to fly at high speeds with freedom of movement in each of the axes.

All this controlled by your sight, through the glasses Goggles FPV V2 and a field of vision of 150º around. You will only have to put them on and in the first person, you will see the drone’s camera, to capture everything that your eye sees at the same time.

East DJI FPV records in 4K at 60 FPS and up to 120 Mbpsto capture the sharpest details, with low-latency HD streaming for crisp, real-time streaming with a 10km range. And look, 10 km is a lot, especially with a drone!

This drone is plagued with technology and safety, above all, such as the emergency brake, hover, obstacle detection, ADBS-B… In the event that you lose your drone, through the satellites and GPS it will automatically return to the starting point and park itself, so don’t be afraid of losing it.

It’s not that it’s light. And it is that this drone weighs 800 grams. The main reason is the weight of the battery, which is almost 800 grams. That authorizes you to fly up to 20 minutes. Something well above average. And what about the price?

DJI offer on Amazon

If you wanted to fly, now you have it easier than ever. This most professional pack has a usual price of 1,349 euros. However, with the 22% offer on Amazon, it stays for only €1,049. One of the best options to fly with great quality and resolution. Don’t think about it much more! And remember to have the license to be able to fly this type of device. This is the purchase link: