Do you download a pirate movie and receive a letter asking you for money? Yes it happened

In nations like Germany or United States it just isn’t doable to hack with out VPN, since they’ve carried out the system of three strikes. If they catch you thrice the IP downloading content material by torrent, they’ll go to fantastic you with a whole bunch of euros. These letters border on extortion, since they urge the consumer to pay in change for not going to trial. Thus, a whole bunch or 1000’s of a lot of these lawsuits might be a nice supply of earnings for corporations.

Letters from a firm that owns a movie

Now, there’s a new nation whose residents undergo from a lot of these letters: United Kingdom. There a choose has given permission to the American firm Voltage Holdings to ship letters to suspected pirates within the nation. The first to receive it have been shoppers of the Virgin operator.

In the letter, Voltage Holdings particulars that it found your IP deal with by sharing a content material by way of torrent. This IP adress It is owned by Virgin, and subsequently the corporate goes on to contact the operator to switch the information of who was utilizing that IP deal with on the day and time the content material was being shared. The content material on this case is the movie Ava.

The letter assumes that the proprietor of that IP deal with has been the one who has downloaded the content material, which in lots of instances just isn’t true. For instance, it might have been one other member of the family, and even somebody stealing the WiFi. In this case, the corporate leaves the door open for the consumer to defend himself and argue that he was not the one who downloaded the content material.

Innocent till confirmed in any other case

However, if the consumer can’t show that he was not the one who downloaded content material, then you must signal an settlement with the corporate by which you will promise to not violate your copyright once more, in addition to pay compensation. The determine they demand has not transpired, however it will in all probability be a whole bunch of euros. The receivers have 14 days to answer, however it is really useful that they receive authorized recommendation earlier than doing so.

Virgin has confirmed that it has launched consumer information to the corporate after being requested by the choose. Such a case may be repeated in Spain, which has already happened up to now. Fortunately, in these instances, the corporate has no proof that the consumer has dedicated copyright infringement past an IP deal with. It would be the choose who must decide whether or not or not that’s true.

Voltage has doubtless requested establish customers of extra operators. In the previous, instances much like this have been resolved in favor of shoppers within the UK. In Spain, the final case was resolved in a different way in two courts, the place in a single the customers have been acquitted, and within the different they have been convicted.