Do you need to convert a Word document to PowerPoint? So can

Convert a Word document to a PowerPoint presentation

When it comes to office automation products, there is no doubt that Microsoft’s Office suite is the most popular and used worldwide, both for home and professional use. At times, we may find ourselves needing to use a document written in Word in a PowerPoint presentation. To do this, it is possible that the first way that comes to mind is to copy and paste the text. This work can be especially tedious, especially if we are talking about a large document. But don’t worry, there are other easier ways to convert between Word and PowerPoint.

There are situations where we can consider creating a PowerPoint presentation that contains a lot of text, so it may be easier for us to write the document in Word first and then export it to a presentation. To do this, we are going to see different ways to do it.

Import the Word document to PowerPoint

Office offers full compatibility between the programs that make up the suite, because it will be possible to import Word documents into PowerPoint from the application itself. To do this, the first thing we must do is format the document so that in this way we make sure that it can see perfectly in the presentation editor.

In this way, we open the Word document, and in each section of this that we would like to have a slide individually, we must add a header, selecting it from the “Styles” section (Title 1, Title 2, etc). To make sure they are separate slides for each section, press Enter and leave an empty line between the end of the section and the title of the next. Once the outline is created we can modify the content by changing the font type, font size or color and save the changes.

Subsequently, we start PowerPoint, click on the “File” section and click on “Open” and then on “Browse”. Once the File Explorer opens we change the file type to «All schemes». We select the document we save and click on «Open». In this way, a new presentation will be created based on the headers created in the document, where we can include more content and a new design.

PowerPoint open all schematics

Add document to slide

Another option to convert a document into a presentation is to do it directly from PowerPoint. To do this, we open the presentation application on our computer and create a new presentation. Later we select the slide where we want to place the Word document. Next, click on the “Insert” tab and within the “Text” section, click on the “Object” icon.

PowerPoint insert object

This will open a new window where we must mark the option “Create from file”. Then we click on “Browse” and locate the Word document. Finally, click on OK. In this way we can add a document to a slide of the presentation. Of course, it is not ideal if we are talking about a very dense text, being especially suitable for short documents.

Export for web in Office Online (English only)

Users with a Microsoft 365 subscription can convert from Word documents to PowerPoint presentations using the web application. This is something that is made possible through the use of Artificial Intelligence, achieving that the presentation is created based on all the functions of the Word file to which images, fonts and icons can be added.

Although it is true that we are facing a quick and simple method, it still has its limitations, since only supports English accounts, as it is in the testing phase. It also cannot be used with browsers such as Internet Explorer or Safari, and multimedia content can only be added after the transformation is done.

In case of having the Office version in English we must open the application of office online From our browser, log in with our Microsoft 365 credentials. Later, we create the document that we will later need to convert. Once created, click on the “File” tab and click on the “Export” button. Next, we select the option “Export to PowerPoint presentation (preview)”. We choose a theme and click on «Export». Once we open the presentation we will see our converted document that will be saved in our OneDrive folder on our computer.

Use a file converter

We can also use online converters that will help us convert Word documents to PowerPoint presentations. Next, we are going to see some examples that will be of great help to us in carrying out this work.

Online2PDF, convert all types of files

This free online tool will allow us to perform all types of file conversion, since it supports popular formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice, Images, XPS and PDF. It allows us to select up to 20 files at a time, with a maximum of 100 MB for each one. Also, all files together cannot exceed 150MB.

Online2PDF switch from Word to PowerPoint

To use it, we just have to click on this link to your website. Later we click on the button «Select the files». Next, we can select if we want Optical Character Recognition to be included in images. With OCR the maximum will be 20 pages, while without OCR the limit will be 100 pages. If necessary, we can check the Insert pages as images box. Finally, we press the button «Convert». Once the conversion is finished, we can save the file in .pptx format.

Convertio, go from Word to PowerPoint in seconds

We are talking about another quite popular and free online file converter, which is characterized by having support for more than 200 formats of files, with a maximum size of 100 MB per file. To access it will only be necessary to click on this link to your main website.

Convertio convert from doc to ppt

It will only be necessary to click on the button «Select the files». We can choose it from our hard drive, also from cloud storage systems (DropBox and Google Drive) or by adding a URL. Once this is done, we click on the «Convert» button and once the conversion is finished, we click on «Download», to be able to save the .pptx file on our computer.

Online Converter, online PowerPoint converter

This free online tool allows you to easily convert our Word files to PowerPoint simply and quickly. It is compatible with a wide variety of files, being able to make conversions to both PPT and PPTX files, as well as other OpenOffice (ODP) and LibreOffice formats. To access, just click on this link to the developer’s website.

Online Convert convert Word file to PowerPoint

To insert the file, simply drag it to your interface or press the button «Select file». It also supports cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, as well as URLs. In addition, it allows you to convert with OCR, so that the scanned pages are converted to text and can be edited. Once the file is loaded, click on “Start”, and once the conversion is done, we can save the resulting file on our PC.