Do you see an error in the Epic Games program? This function fixes it

bug epic games

Although initially in most cases the computer is used for professional reasons, its use also in leisure time is beyond any doubt. In fact, one of the most common is to use the PC to play, all thanks to platforms like the one offered Epic Games.

This is a game developer that has been with us for years and has also launched to offer us its own store on PC. All this with the healthy objective of being able to compete with the almighty Valve Steam, something quite complicated at the moment. In this way, thanks to the Epic Games Store we have the possibility to search, download, install and run our favorite games. Little by little, its product range is growing so that we have much more to choose from.

In the web version of the store we find a series of functions and features that can help us. However, we recommend you to install the client in the form of a program that this website proposes so that manage our game library in the best way. Once we have downloaded and installed it on our computer, we only have to credit our personal account through the corresponding email and password. In this program we will have several additional functions, and of course, from the Epic Games store.

In the same way we can access our content library to install those games that we add at the time, either for free or by paying. But on certain occasions this client will return some bug that can affect multiple modes of operation.

Automatically fix a bug in Epic Games

The error that we mentioned can be given when trying to run a game, when installing it, when we access the store, or even when trying to make a purchase. Many factors can affect this client malfunction or epic show. The good thing about all this is that it offers us a useful functionality that will surely be very helpful in this case.

Specifically, we are referring to a feature that includes the client itself called Troubleshooter. It is not necessary to explain what the main functionality of this is, and it is sure to be familiar to us. And it is that the windows operating system it also includes several similar functionalities called exactly the same. As you can imagine, this is a functionality that helps us automatically detect and solve the error that has appeared.

In order to get this troubleshooter we found at Epic Games up and running, the first thing we do is run the client. Once we have entered the corresponding access credentials, we will see all the titles that the store makes available to us. However, in the case at hand we must click on the icon of our avatar located in the upper right corner. From among the available options that appear at that moment, we select the call Settings.

At that moment a new window will appear with various configurable parameters and we must scroll down in it. Then we can already take a look at the function we are looking for, Problem solverwhere we click.

It will then be when the function starts to work automatically, carrying out a series of checks to see if it is capable of detecting and solving the error. Also, we have the possibility of dump report content to clipboard and the system in case we want to save it.