Do you want an ebook reader? Here you have all Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle.

When in the first decade of the 2000s Amazon bet wildly on the electronic format, many saw in that movement the typical mistake of those who believe that it is changing things and is simply coming too soon. So it won’t succeed. It is obvious that this prediction was not fulfilled and that right now, If there is a giant that covers practically the entire eBook market, that is the company founded by Jeff Bezos.

Tablet or eReader? Is not the same

Surely it is not necessary to explain too much the difference between reading on a tablet and doing it on an electronic ink eReader (especially if you have seen how each technology works) and the truth is that devices with this type of screen are the closest thing we will find to opening the pages of a book of paper and dive self-absorbed into the latest novel by, for example, Pérez-Reverte.

One of the most obvious differences is the ease of reading: It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny that we can continue enjoying reading without problems, unlike tablet screens, the more light we have around us, the more difficult it is to follow the text we read. That without forgetting another obvious benefit: reading e-ink books is much less tiring. recent studies of the Harvard Medical School have found a relationship between nocturnal exposure to the so-called blue lights from backlit screens (such as those on tablets or phones) and the reduction in the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for helping us sleep.

As if that were not enough, another advantage of electronic ink ebook readers is autonomy, the battery life that can last for days or weeks, so with a single charge we practically have to spend the holidays, or finish what we are reading in one sitting.

Should you buy an e-reader?

At the beginning of this article we alluded to how reluctant some readers are to buy this type of device. We understand: the experience of reading on paper, of opening a new book, touching its cover, enjoying your cover… is not comparable to anything so we already anticipate that a Kindle reader will not give you that experience back. But in return, it enjoys undeniable virtues.

For this reason, as we say, there are obvious advantages that will almost inevitably lead you to a digital transformation thanks to issues such as the possibility of carry your entire library in the palm of your hand of the next few years. And we are not talking about five or six, but more: a decade, two or whatever. Thanks to the ever-increasing capacity of these readers, there will be no way that they are too small to store each new purchase you make.

ipad tablet vs amazon kindle

Other advantages that e-book readers have are the reading functions, which we can customize precisely so that we always feel as comfortable as possible. For example, choosing the background tone, or the intensity of the backlighting, increasing or reducing the line spacing, the margins or the font and, of course, improving its readability thanks to the fact that it is possible to choose between different font families.

Haven’t we convinced you yet? Well, it points to another advantage: the books that Amazon sells in its store for Kindle are cheaper than paper editions. So our recommendation, if you read a lot, is that you get one of these Kindle for the readings of battlethose that you carry out in the subway, on the bus, walking down the street -we do not recommend it- or in the swimming pool (some models are waterproof), and only buy printed editions in those unique cases of books that belong to authors who are your weakness and for whom you reserve very specific scenarios to savor them, such as a hidden beach on vacation or at home sitting on a comfortable sofa with a good coffee while it’s raining outside (how bucolic!).

The best Kindle for you

There are many brands of e-book readers but Amazon’s Kindles have become the most popular for having the most complete and best worked ecosystem around your store. So if you are going to take the leap of acquiring one made by Jeff Bezos, here are the models you can buy.


New Kindle 2022.Screen: 6 inches | Resolution: 300dpi | Ability: 16GB | Weight: 158 grams | Drums: weeks

This is the latest model launched by Amazon in September 2022 and It is the cheapest alternative that we are going to be able to enjoy, besides that it is tremendously useful and functional. It has a 6-inch screen and 300 dpi, which means that we will barely see the pixelated edges of each electronic ink letter. Obviously it has a touch screen, to turn pages and move through the menus, and it has multiplied its storage capacity by four compared to previous models: 16 GB.

You can buy it in two colorsblack and blue, the battery will last you weeks and you will be able to read at night thanks to its integrated reading light.

The best

  • It is the cheapest model.
  • He is the lightest of his brothers.
  • It finally has integrated light.
  • The screen resolution has improved a lot.


  • It’s not very cheap.

For whom it is

  • Those who want the easiest Kindle and who want to take it almost anywhere.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle PaperWhiteScreen: 6.8 inches | Resolution: 300dpi | Ability: 8/16/32GB | Weight: 207 grams | Drums: weeks | Highlight: with light and waterproof

The Paperwhite model was designed by Amazon to offer the best reading experience in such a way that the white of your screen reminds us of a printed page. This gives it a very good reading comfort that has now been further improved thanks to the 300 dpi resolution. The screen is 6.8 inches, it has options of 8 and 16GB of storage, a battery that lasts weeks and you have an integrated light to continue reading in low light conditions.

Amazon has also launched a Signature model of this Kindle Paperwhite that is identical to the regular but that is differentiated by two specific characteristics: the reading light adjusts automatically and the possibility of charging it wirelessly. Obviously, these innovations will have a price that you are not even worth paying.

The best

  • Your lighting.
  • The screen resolution has improved a lot.
  • Almost identical price to the cheapest model (for now).
  • The resistance to water.
  • The wireless charging of the Signature model.


  • Your frames are too wide.
  • It is the least aesthetic of the three models.

For whom it is

  • For those who want a bigger screen to read (also at night) and believe that the most basic Kindle falls short.

Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis.Screen: 7 inches | Resolution: 300dpi | Ability: 8/32GB | Weight: 194 grams | Drums: weeks | Highlight: with light, waterproof and physical buttons

You don’t realize how thin it is until you hold it in your hand, as does the size of its screen, which increases to 7 inches with a resolution of 300 dpi. It is a very transportable and resistant little jewel, since it is capable of surviving splashes of water and even submersion. It is the only one that offers free Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity and differs from the other models in the possibility of automatically rotating the screen according to the reading orientation and that it maintains two physical buttons to turn the pages.

The best

  • Its design is extraordinarily slim.
  • The size of the screen.
  • The physical page turning buttons.
  • The night light.


  • It is a more expensive option than the previous ones.

For whom it is

  • If in addition to reading you are delighted to have the best possible reader, the most portable and quick to open and close books or browse the store, this is your Kindle.

kindle scribe

Kindle Write.Screen: 10.2 inches | Resolution: 300dpi | Ability: 16/32/64GB | Weight: 433 grams | Drums: weeks | Highlight: with light and physical buttons

We come to the “mother of all Kindles”. The most recent model, presented by Amazon in September 2022 and which will not go on sale until December. It comes with a pencil with which we can point, sign, draw, doodle or whatever you need in your day to day at work, school or university.

Its enormous screen, 10.2 inches and 300 dpi resolution, its integrated light to use it at night and a storage that reaches 64GB. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a battery that the company warns will last us weeks and, without a doubt, it is the most expensive model of all, so only if you really need something like that, we recommend buying it.

The best

  • The size of the screen.
  • The night light.
  • The function of writing on the same screen.
  • Write down in the own books that we buy.
  • The amount of storage.


  • It is the most expensive option in the entire range.

For whom it is

  • If you want the most complete experience of the entire range, and you need to take notes in meetings or in class, this model is the best way to not only read, but also carry all the documents you need in your day to day.