Do you want to play? With this Gaming PC for €799 you will be right yes or yes

The gaming market It has been evolving to such an extent that its components have reached very high price levels, making it very difficult to find one with which you do not end up spending a fortune. But don’t worry, because, as you know, at Topes de Gama we like to recommend you the top products at the best possible price, so today we bring you a top gaming PC for your best games for a tight budget considering tells how the current market is, let’s see it!

The best gaming at a good price

We can find the offer in PcComponents, and it is the best we can find in terms of hardware for its current price. A computer with ideal performance for any type of games or software, good performance and optimizationalready assembled and without the need to complicate mounting it.

First of all, the design section consists of a Cougar Dark Blader X7 tower with tempered glass and led gaming lights right and left, on the front of the case a strip and on the back a fan with RGB lights, as well as non-slip feet. Your room will look totally different!

But the most interesting thing comes in the components that this computer assembles, starting with a processor Intel Core I5 ​​10400F The one we have already talked about in other teams, and it is that it is the most gaming at the best possible price, capable of moving the heaviest tasks and triple A titles without much problem; Accompanied by 16GB of DDR4 RAM to give you the power you need.

The top comes in the GPU or graphics, with a GTX 1660 Ti that, not being of the new generation, is one of the top of the past and that is still worth a lot, very much worth it for all kinds of video games. We are talking about a 6GB graphics card with many technologies to play in high definition, as well as to support virtual reality. It offers exceptional performance at an insane price.

In terms of storage, you will have 1TB of HDD more than enough to store all kinds of content, and with 480GB of SSD more than enough for gaming and ultra-fast loading speeds. In other words, you will have 1,500GB to store what is lent and that your computer is not exactly short of space.

The only downside that we can find to the computer, and as is the case with the vast majority of models today, is that does not come with an operating system installedso it will have to run on your own.

Great offer on PcComponentes!

Now comes the most interesting part: the price. PcComponentes will leave you this most complete computer equipment for only €799.99, when its usual price is 1,270 euros. An authentic reduction of the most complete, great to get started in the gaming world without fear that your computer will not perform well against some title. This is the purchase link: