Do YouTube videos sound very low to you? This is what you should do

YouTube volume up

When recording any type of video, we must always take into account, not only the framing and quality of the video, but also the sound signal so that it can be heard clearly and that, if accompanied by background music, we should not try to figure out what they are telling us.

When videos are uploaded to YouTube, this platform makes a large number of functions available to users, however, there is none that allows so many normalize the sound how to increase it slightly if it is too low. Once, the solution to this problem, like most of the ones we find when browsing, is to use one of the different extensions available that will help us raise the volume of certain YouTube videos without changing the sound level of the system.

Volume Master

The extension with the highest number of downloads (more than 3 million) and with more than 20,000 ratings with which we can manage the volume level of the videos and music that are played in our browser is Volume Master. For change the volume level of the tab in which we are, we just have to click on the extension icon and move the volume bar.

By modifying it, the extension icon will show us the configured volume level, along with all the tabs that, at that moment, are playing some type of sound. By clicking on them, we can change the level without having to access the tab directly.

sound booster

One of the most popular extensions available in the Web Chrome Store and with a rating of 5 stars out of 5 possible is found in Sound Booster – Increase the volume. Sound Booster is an extension that allows us to increase the volume of any video that is playing in a browser tab, regardless of whether it is YouTube, Netflix, VimeoFacebook, HBO, Disney+ among others.

sound booster

The operation of the application is very simple, since, once we have installed the application, we only have to click on the extension icon and slide the control to the left or right to raise or lower it. Also, it works independently on each tab, so we can set a different sound level on each one.

Sound amplifier

Another interesting extension that we have at our disposal in the Chrome Web Store for increase the volume of the videos from YouTube as well as any other platform is Sound Amplifier. It also allows us to increase the sound volume of streaming music platforms.

Sound amplifier

The extension is represented as sound bars, bars that represent the sound level that we have established in each tab. In this way, we can quickly and visually get an idea of ​​how low or high the volume is. The operation of this extension is as simple as clicking on it and moving the volume control bar to raise or lower the level.