Does Apple fix MacBook Air hinge issues?

macbook air hinge problem

For some time now, it has been very common to meet MacBook Air hinge issues. Not the most recent models, since since the 2018 design change this problem is not so common, but it is in those previously released. Those with the white plastic frame that were so popular and that only a few years later began to cause headaches.

The Origin of the problem Exactly unknown, but probably due to poor construction or poor quality hinge implementation. The fact is that after a few years of use, these computers begin to “dance” making the user experience considerably worse, since it occurs at different angles and with actions as simple as typing.

And although this problem also affects some older MacBook Pros, it is in the ‘Air’ range where it has been most experienced. In fact, a reader has recently written to us telling us as a curiosity that in his university class there are several students with this laptop and this problem occurs in all of them. And according to other reports seen years ago, it is clear that it is a Fairly widespread bug.

Apple does not give an answer to the problem

When there are many reports of a widespread problem and that it has its origin in a factory defect, a case to which these MacBook Air seem to respond, Apple opens free repair programs. However, on this occasion they have not commented on the matter and therefore there is no way to access a free repair.

Apple understands that this is a problem derived from the wear of materials and therefore leaves it uncovered. Obviously they fix it, but paying thus. The cost of said repair is not public, since it does not always proceed in the same way, there are occasions in which the screen is completely changed, others in which only the hinges are used and even occasionally they replace it with another reconditioned computer.

Therefore, if you want to clear up doubts, you will have to request an appointment at Apple or a SAT and explain the problem to them. They will make an assessment of it and give you a repair estimate that, obviously, you can accept or not. In any case, we already warned you that it does not look like something cheap.

Other solutions to the problem

An alternative solution to this repair is to go to a third party technical service in which, despite not being an Apple-authorized service, they can repair your computer. If it’s just a matter of changing the hinges after all and you don’t have much technical knowledge or the necessary skills, it will be a good option and could even be cheaper.

Of course, you run the risk of losing the guarantee, although taking into account that the computer is already years old, you probably no longer have it. The same will happen if you fix it on your own, another option to consider in view of the fact that parts can be purchased online. Although this would be reserved for those who have more knowledge and ability to carry out the repair, since otherwise a major problem could occur in the computer that makes it unusable.