Does the Wi-Fi reach your bedroom badly? With this you solve it

Wi-Fi does not reach

Does the Wi-Fi reach some parts of the house badly? Well, you have to know that there are solutions for this problem that will allow you to enjoy your Internet connection from anywhere in the home without loss of coverage.

Wi-Fi is one of the greatest inventions of recent years, it allows us to be connected to the Internet from any device without cables in between. However, this has limitations and we find that many times in certain parts of our home the internet does not reach us well and disconnections are suffered. This is not only fateful on a PC, but also on a mobile phone, since we end up seeing how the data bill skyrockets. It is at this point where we have to find a way to extend the range of our wireless connection.

Where to place the Wi-Fi router is important

One of the problems seen in many homes is that we usually see the fiber optic socket in the living room, since these services are also offered with an on-demand television via the Internet. Where all possible bandwidth is necessary to view the content without cuts of any kind. The same happens if we have a SmartTV or a video game console connected to the router to download faster.

However, there are a number of elements that can completely worsen the functioning of the router and that have to do with the way in which many people place it. We have already talked about this before, but it is something that is the source of all evil and connectivity problems.

  • Don’t hide the router, has to go to a high place and without anything covering it. That is the best position for the Wi-Fi signal to reach a greater range.
  • Move as far away from devices with a Bluetooth connection as possible, be it wireless speakers, the television itself or even video game consoles. Keep in mind that the radio frequencies in both cases are 2.4 GHz and this can cause interference that worsens the signal.

And yes, we know that there are people who hate cables, so if you don’t want to see them, you will have to find ways to order them and get them out of sight. But please, if the Wi-Fi is bad, start at this point.

Is the Wi-Fi bad for you? Extend your network

Here you have three different options, which are equally valid and will help you to get the internet to your bedroom or work office without problems. However, these two solutions have a counterpart associated with each of them.

WIFI repeater

The first option is a Wi-Fi repeater, this will connect wirelessly to your router and your device to the repeater. Its operation is simple :dWithin range of the router, this device picks up the signal and duplicates it. So there is a latency associated and, therefore, we can experience a longer delay when doing certain actions if this is not good enough.

Wi-Fi repeater arrives malfunctionIt is the cheapest solution The problem comes when we start to have disadvantages in competitive video games or the fact of changing the channel or turning up the volume when watching a series or a movie in our bedroom has a delay that we notice. However, in conditions where latency is not an issue, it should be seen as a way to increase the range of the Wi-Fi network.

When is it ideal? When for reasons of home structure we find a room close to the range of the router, but the internet does not reach us quite well.

PLC or extender in case you get bad Wi-Fi

The other option is PLCwhich They are plugs that communicate with each other through the electrical network. to send the internet signal. They do not have the latency problems of Wi-Fi repeaters and are therefore ideal for viewing content, at least in theory, and some models even come with a Wi-Fi repeater. So they are clearly a much better device, especially if we live in a large apartment or in a house.

Wi-Fi Extender PLC

It’s all very nice, however, the bandwidth that can be achieved does not depend on the PLC itself. That is to say, you will not be able to say that the internet is bad for you in terms of coverage, but depending on the electrical installation you have, you will have more or less bandwidth. So in order to do things like streaming over the internet through Twitch, watching movies in very high definition or playing in the cloud is a lottery. But in those three cases it is much better than repeating Wi-Fi.

Order a second fiber optic socket

The best solution of all in terms of performance, but depending on the internet provider, they will charge you as a new service and, therefore, as a new invoice. Therefore, we recommend it only if you are clear that you are going to take advantage of the new Internet connection and if it is necessary for your business. If you have an internet business that depends on having a good bandwidth, it is the option that we most recommend.

With a second socket at the other end of the house, you will not be able to say that the Wi-Fi is bad, since with this you will have a second router. In any case, it is the most expensive option and, therefore, the least economically viable of all.