Doesn’t your mobile connect to the PC? How to fix errors

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There are ways to send the content from the mobile phone to the computer and vice versa without connecting them. We can use Bluetooth, specific applications or even WhatsApp Web. But if we need to connect them in a traditional way, we may find some specific failures that make it not detect it. What can be done if Windows does not detect your mobile phone or Android? There are some common errors and solutions that we can try to try to fix the error.

We may not have updated, we may not have the latest drivers, we may it does not recognize it due to a problem in the USB… Be that as it may, we must follow a series of simple steps to solve these errors.

Common errors and best solutions

If everything goes well, it is normal that when you connect the phone to the computer, Windows recognizes it and automatically starts and synchronizes with the phone. But not everything always works perfectly and there are many users who at some point have found that when connecting the mobile to the PC you have seen how not detected or recognized.

To update Windows

One of the first things we can do is check that the equipment is fully up to date, that there is no newer version. The steps are easy because we can go to Windows Update to check if there is any new version and this is what is causing the failure.

  • Let’s go to settings in Windows
  • We tap on the “Update and security” option
  • Let’s go to “Windows Update” on the left side of the screen

Now we will see a screen that will tell us whether or not there are updates available and when the last check was made. If there is any update or version available we can see it on this screen and touch “install now”. Also from here we can configure automatic updates so that we do not have to be aware of it manually or we can even change the active hours or see the history of updates installed on the device to know which ones have been able to give you an error.

Disconnect and change the USB

To try to solve this problem, the first thing we can do if Windows 10 does not detect the phone is disconnect the mobile and reconnect it, but this time we must make sure that it is turned on and unlocked. It is also convenient that we temporarily deactivate the security lock to prevent the terminal from being blocked. To do this, we go to the screen ID and password settings and deactivate the security lock, that is, we remove the pin, password or security method that we have on the smartphone.

If still Windows 10 does not detect the mobile phone you are trying to connect, then we can try to connect the phone to another USB port in case the one we used could be damaged. It may seem like an obvious solution, but it is important to check that the USB ports on your computer or smartphone are working properly.

usb type a type c

Other solutions and configuration

There are other options to fix this error so that we can connect the mobile phone correctly without any problem. We can access the configuration or update some computer components such as drivers.

Update drivers

If connecting to another port the problem continues, then we can try update usb apple mobile device driver in case you have an Apple brand mobile phone. Or the corresponding one if it is Android. To do this, we open the Windows device manager, we display the option Universal serial bus controllers and there we should find the driver. Once we have located it, we click on it with the right mouse button and access its properties. From the properties window we go to the Driver tab and uninstall the driver.

After the uninstall process is complete, we disconnect the phone from the computer and reconnect it so that Windows searches for and downloads the driver again. Remember that when connecting the mobile, we must be careful and indicate that it is a PC of trust when you ask us.

Device administrator

Setup and autoplay

The next thing we can do if Windows 10 does not detect the mobile phone is to check that the corresponding services that we will use are configured for start automatically with system boot.

To do this, we open the Windows 10 service manager, something we can do from the Win + X menu or by launching the services.msc command from a Run window (which we can open from the Windows start menu) Open the run window and type the command. Press enter or tap on “accept” and this will automatically take us to the services. We then search for these services to check one by one that they are configured correctly to start automatically at Windows startup.

windows services

If Windows still does not detect the mobile phone, then we will check that the autoplay for all media and devices in the operating system. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • We open the Control Panel on the computer
  • Let’s go to the option “Hardware and sound” among the options
  • We touch on “Autoplay” within Hardware and sound
  • We verify that the box next to the option Use autoplay for all media and devices is checked.


Next, we also find the option that allows us to indicate what to do with each type of media. There we are going to select the mobile phone in question and in the drop-down that is shown next to it, we choose the option Ask every time.

Problem solver

If the problem still continues and Windows 10 does not detect the mobile phone, we can use one of the troubleshooters offered by the Microsoft operating system. We can find them from the settings or configuration of the computer.

  • We open settings on the computer
  • We look for the section “Update and security”
  • Go to the menu on the left
  • Search “Solve problems” among the options
  • Tap on “additional troubleshooter”

Problem solver

There we select the Hardware and device troubleshooterwhich will launch the wizard and all we have to do is follow the steps it asks for and wait for it to automatically check and try to solve the problems detected.

After the process is finished, we can check again if Windows (whether we have Windows 10 or Windows 11) already correctly detects our phone.