Don’t buy the best selling power supplies on Amazon

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It is possibly one of the most despised components by users and is more important than any other. This can be seen in the power supplies Amazon’s best sellers questionable quality and misleading advertising. We’ll explain why you should not buy them and how to identify poor quality power supplies.

You must always keep in mind that the power supply not only supplies energy, it also protects. It protects us against occasional power surges, harmonics and the good ones, even micro-cuts. When we refer to voltage micro-cuts, we are talking about the typical flickering of the light bulbs, which in a bad source could mean that the equipment turns off.

Cheap power supplies can be expensive

Among the protection measures, the power supplies are designed to absorb damage. They have different protection systems that seek to prevent the graphics, processor and other components from being damaged. Actually, it is much cheaper to change a power supply of 200 euros than a graphic of 800-1000 euros.

But the best sellers on amazon are of the cheaper and that means trim in quality of components. Although they may have protections, the quality goes a long way in protecting the components. But it is that, in addition, they include elements that are false and give a false sensation of quality.

Mars Gaming MPII650

When we have seen that this power supply is the best seller on Amazon, we have not given credit. Actually, we are not going to go into the wiring, electronics and other elements, there is an element that gives it away to the beast. Surely, anyone who does not have much knowledge will see it and think that it is of good quality, but it is a misleading power supply.

This font is advertised with a 85% efficiency, something that is questionable. This type of efficiency, according to the standard certifier, would be a 80 Plus Bronze. When we have been looking, Mars Gaming has had the tough face of crazily copy this certificate, indicating 85 Plus. To say that this certificate does not existthey are just cheating users with less knowledge with a “label” that is worthless.

The truth is that poor of whoever acquires this power supply. Obviously, not only is the certification totally false, it is also The indicated efficiency seems false. Undoubtedly, this practice is very worrying and does not speak well of the brand, trying to deceive users with limited knowledge.

Tacens Anima APIIII500

Here we find a case of cheating the user, but at least, it is not as unfortunate as Mars Gaming. According to Tancensthis power supply also has a 85% efficiency. We don’t know where this comes from supposed efficiencybut we go, it is impossible that a 20 euro power supply has the same efficiency as one triple the price.

It literally indicates “EFFICIENCY 85% BRONZE LEVEL: SMD manufacturing technology with Bronze efficiency of 85%, high quality components and reliability. What they do is use the term Bronze, the same as the certification 80 Plus Bronze. It seems impossible to us that a power supply such as the Corsair CV450 450W which is from a reputable and reputable manufacturer, and costs 60 euros.

But there is one good thing, and that is no PCIe cable to power graphics cards. At least, it can’t be used on most gaming PCs, because most graphics cards require additional power.

Tacens power supply

Nox Uranus VX 650W

It is the third best selling power supply and of the three, it is the only reliable one. Have a 80 Plus Bronze certified that seems real, we say that it seems, because it is one of the brands pointed out for using this certificate in its sources in a fraudulent way. The problem is that we can’t verify since there is no list with all certified 80 Plus Bronze power supplies.

The truth is that certified 80 Plus is a bad joke. First, there is no way to verify the certificate, since no public information is offered. In addition, the maker can change components keeping power and it serves the certification. Two factors that reduce the reliability of the certificate.

You may wonder how we can know that other manufacturers such as Corsair, ASUS, Seasonic, Antec and others that use this certificate do not do the same. Well, these manufacturers give their products for review in an unbiased way and when you see the photos, you can see the quality of the components.

We are going to give Nox a vote of confidence and since the price difference with other brands is about 10-15 euros, we are going to think that it is fine. Simply that they have used slightly cheaper components and the power supply is not modular. Both elements allow to justify the difference.

nox uranus power supply