Don’t know where you parked the car? This mini GPS is the key

TKSTAR mini GPS car

You are a person clueless, who is always losing everything? The ones you spend hours and hours trying to remember where did you park your car? In that case, this TKSTART Mini GPS It is all you need. Because you don’t need a subscription, and its size is so compact that you can place it in any corner.

Technology has evolved to make life easier for all of us who tend to lose things every day. And also to those who never remember where their car is parked. Because right now it is as simple as getting a mini GPS like the one we bring here. And you will know at all times where your belongings are.

The main advantage of this TKSTAR device over others is its size. It measures just 1.8 inches, so you can easily put it in any corner without being a problem.

The most compact mini GPS of the moment

There are certain points of a gps that we can come to consider fundamental before deciding on one model or another:

  • First of all, the size. this is so compact that will not cause you any inconvenience. It weighs only 58 grams, so you could even carry it in your backpack without realizing it’s there.
  • After this, it is important to take into account your autonomy. In this case, we are talking about 20 days.
  • And finally, it is essential to know if you have to pay a subscription. And this one doesn’t require it!

Although there are other parameters that must be taken into account, although they are not the most important. For example, this mini GPS allows you to even install electronic billboards. What does this mean? That as soon as the object that carries it goes out of that limit, it will automatically send a message to the application. If you carpool, or if your backpack strays too far from you, you’ll quickly receive a notification on your phone.


In addition, it has a smart alarm system that alerts you when the battery level drops below 30%. That will make you remember that you have to charge it and never run out of battery.

It is true that you will find other GPS whose price is lower than this, but normally they will require you to pay a monthly payment for accurate tracking. And with this mini GPS you will only pay once, and you can have access to GSM / GPS positioning for life. And with an accuracy of 5 meters!

No more losing things!

Along with all the advantage that we have already pointed out about this mini GPS, we must add that it has a magnet Very powerful. This will make it stick where you need it to, and with very little chance of falling off.

Although it is designed to be hooked to your car, you should know that you can use it for everything you need. You can even adapt it to a necklace for your pet and it will always be watched. If you travel a lot, for example, you can store it in your suitcase and it will always be watched. For only €57you will have the guarantee of always knowing where all your belongings are.