Don’t run out of battery with BLUETTI charging stations

New BLUETTI charging stations

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to spend a couple of days without a mobile phone. Even worse, if we have to do without the many other electronic devices that we use constantly. The main problem is that they need batteries to power themselves, since there are fewer and fewer devices that work by cable. And since you’re sure that you’re tired of carrying external chargers and batteries, we suggest you get rid of the problem at a stroke with one of the BLUETTI charging stations.

These charging stations are the next logical step to the external batteries that we are all familiar with. They are like small power plants that we can take with us to supply all kinds of electrical appliances and systems. Going camping, on an adventure in the mountains or to a remote country house are the typical plans in which we could miss a good electrical current. And that is where the BLUETTI charging stations will be tremendously useful.

This manufacturer launched its PowerOak BLUETTI AC200P charging station on the US market in the summer of 2021. But now the company’s intention is to also expand to Europe, and it does so with two new models. On the one hand, the improved AC200MAX and the new AC300.

The AC200MAX harnesses sunlight

The first thing that BLUETTI wanted to do on its arrival in Europe was to present a series of improvements to its new AC200MAX charging station. Compared to the previous AC200P, its higher performance stands out due to the use of solar energy. And it is that this new model is capable of reaching 900W thanks to sunlightwhile his younger brother stayed in the 700W.

In fact, it should be mentioned that, pulling the electric current, this AC200MAX will only reach 500W. Without a doubt, a detail that invite to use solar energy instead of electricitysince, in addition to being more efficient, it will also allow you to save on your electricity bill.

Although the charging options of this station do not stop there. Beyond electric and solar, this device can use other technologies such as Wind generatorsOwn gas or the typical panels solar that we can have installed at home or in the motorhome.

And another novelty that we should celebrate is that we can link this AC200MAX to our mobile phone via your Bluetooth connection. In this way, we will be able to keep an exhaustive control of the state of the station at all times.

But if these charging stations are successful for something, it is because you can see their capacity increased by means of modules that we will add at our whim. Basically, the AC200MAX has a capacity of 2048Wh, but can reach up to 8192Wh if we extend it with two of the modules that we have available, since it is the maximum that it supports. On one hand, we have the module B300, which has a load of 3072Wh, and the B230which offers 2048Wh.

BLUETTI AC200MAX charging station

AC300 model: energy for a whole family

While the revamped AC200MAX model is praiseworthy, the real jewel in the crown is the new AC300 charging station. And it is that this device will be able to accumulate up to 2400W from sunlight. As you will see, things change. And it does it even more when we pull the electric current, because it will give it a maximum of 3000W. That is to say: between one thing and another, this AC300 can be charged up to 5400Wwhich is an outrage that many homes do not reach.

If the AC200MAX model can see its capacity increased thanks to the B300 and B230 modules, the AC300 will need them directly to work. What’s more, this station can support up to 4 B300 modules, offering 3072Wh each. Therefore, the AC300 can reach up to 12288Wh. To give you an idea: in full, this charging station offers over 3500 charge cycles. And if we assume that we will use one load cycle per day, the useful life of this device shoots up to 10 years. Almost nothing.

BLUETTI AC300 charging station

As you will see, the module system is very useful, since it will allow us to transport the station on the one hand and the modules on the other. In fact, you don’t even have to carry both modules with you, if you think you won’t need them. Another advantage is that, in case the modules deteriorate, we will be able to get refills easily without buying a new charging station.

And just like her younger sister, we can link our smartphone to the AC300 via Wi-fi or Bluetooth to control the status of the device at all times.

Get your new BLUETTI charging station now

If you already know that you need one of these BLUETTI charging stations, know that they are already available in your Online store and on the Amazon website. We tell you this because, if you hurry, you can enjoy very interesting discounts.

Mainly, if you decide to buy the AC300since, during the duration of this launch promotionyou can get her for €3699. Of course, a B300 module will be included to power it. After this promotion, the price of the device will go up to €4,499, so it’s something to think about.

For its part, the AC200MAX model is priced at €1,809, although it also includes the solar panel and an additional battery, in addition to the charging station. And if you want an additional B230 module, know that there is a pack that includes it and has a total price of €3,099.

And if at any time you want to buy an additional module, you can do so without problems. The B230 (the 2048Wh one) is priced at €1599while its big brother, the B300 (which reaches 3072Wh), costs €2399.