Don’t you sell on Wallapop? This is the best alternative to sell worldwide

Wallapop Alternative

Since its launch, Wallapop has become the best way to earn extra money by selling all that we have left over, that we have stopped using or if we simply want to make a change. This platform is the best option to sell normal products, products that everyone knows and values ​​more or less correctly. However, It is not the best option to sell other types of products.

For a few months now, Wallapop has been expanding the number of potential buyers and sellers by showing users products that are also sold in Italy. However, that is where the scope of this platform ends. eBay, for its part, allows us to sell any type of product throughout the world, not only in Spain or Europe. Just as it allows us to sell worldwide, it also allows us to buy safely in any country, as long as we use the payment methods authorized by the platform to protect the payment.

How to sell worldwide easily

With more than 20 years in operation, eBay is the best and we could consider it the only platform with which we can sell anything that we have left over at home and that, using traditional sales media, such as Wallapop, Milanuncios and others, we cannot get it out or find the buyer who is actually willing to pay what we think the item costs. On eBay we can establish a minimum sale price, hold an auction or establish a quick purchase system.

In addition, it is also the best way to buy any product or item that we cannot easily find because they are old, discontinued products that had little commercial outlet, among others. It goes without saying that buying on eBay is totally safe since it is the platform that is responsible for processing all payments and claims in case we face any problem.

One aspect that we must be clear about is that using eBay to sell is not free. eBay has some commissions which vary depending on the maximum amount of the sale, so, depending on what we come from, we will have to discount the commission established by the company. These amounts are similar to those that Wallapop charges when we buy a product that they have to send us, however, eBay passes them on to the seller and not to the buyer.

To sell the products that we have left over in the shortest possible time, we must take into account a series of steps that we show you below:

  • The photos They should be as descriptive as possible in order to answer questions potential buyers may have.
  • If we opt for bidding systemestablish the minimum price that the product must reach to be sold.
  • In the article description, indicate all possible data in the formsince, when searching, filters will be applied to this section to more easily find the products that match the search criteria.
  • Answer the questions of potential buyers. Like Wallapop, eBay allows users to contact the buyer with any type of question.