Dr Strange 2 trailer confirms when spoilers can be talked about

dr strange 2

There is an eternal debate about how much time has to pass since a work is published until it can be speak openly of her with spoilers. That is to say, how many days, weeks, months, years or millennia have to pass so that people do not consider that we have spoiled a movie or a television series. Experts have always shuffled a figure, and the latest movie from Spider-man has come to confirm it. Before you read on, let’s anticipate that we are not going to make any spoilers of said movie, so you can continue reading the post naturally and without fear.

Marvel spoils you with its absurd post-credits scene from No way home

Wait for post credits scene It is almost a ritual when we go to the cinema to see a Marvel movie. In the most recent movies, they have us used to a couple of loose scenes when the tape ends. A first when the credits begin and a final when the whole string of names of people who have participated in the filming has passed. Most of the time you will regret having waited five or six minutes of pure boredom to see a simple scene of just 30 seconds, which sometimes you will not understand until you go to the Internet to read a post. explanatory

There are many types of post credits scenes in Marvel movies. Usually, the first is a kind of joke, and the final is usually a bit more serious, but the formula depends on the movie we have seen and the releases that the studio has pending on the calendar.

If during the last week you have gone to the cinema to see the latest movie of Spider-Man: No Way HomeYou will already know what the two post-credits scenes in the film are about. And if you haven’t been there yet, don’t worry, because we do not go to spoil you absolutely nothing vitally important that Marvel has not already done it on its own.

In the last spider-man movie, the final credits scene it’s not a fine scenel as usual. It’s a trailer for the second part of Dr. Strange. Many of us were not particularly excited about having such a fragment sneaked into us, but it is that Marvel has released the same trailer just a week later.

Has Marvel just confirmed the 7-day theory?

And this is when we talk about the experts again. They have always said one week It is the right time that has to pass from when something is published until it ceases to be a sin drop a spoiler. It is enough time in which a weekend and a spectator day. Many of us fully agree with this statement. After all, if by now someone doesn’t know that Bruce Willis is dead in The sixth SenseIt is not that he has not had time to see the film, but that, basically, he did not feel like going in front of the screen to see it. A very similar phenomenon happened a few Christmases ago when it came out Star Wars: The Force Awakens. On April Fool’s Day, the networks were filled with memes showing the death of Han Solo. Many were pissed off, but ten days had passed since the launch in theaters.

With this move, Marvel has set precedents by scoring ‘the week’ as the minimum unit of spoiler. So, from now on, we will have to hurry if we do not want movies, video games and television series to be ripped from us. By the way, if you want to see the trailer that we have discussed, you can see it below.