Enhance your experience using the Nintendo Switch with this controller

Split Pad Pro controller on sale

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the best-selling game consoles on the market today, causing a furor among Nintendo fans around the world. This ability to be a 2-in-1 console, capable of playing both portable and desktop, makes it capable of reaching all kinds of audiences. If we use the Switch as a portable console, it is important to have a good controller. For this the Split Pad Pro from the firm Hori can be an alternative to the original control or a good substitute in case it has been broken and at a low price!

This controller has an official Nintendo license and has been specially designed so that we can improve our experience to the maximum when playing with the Nintendo Switch in a portable way. In addition, its price is extremely attractive, so it is an accessory that we cannot lose sight of.

Maximum precision and comfort

Hori is a well-known brand that has been designing quality accessories for many years, and this controller is no exception. It has magnificent finishes, a great aesthetic and its materials give off quality. The Nintendo Joy-Con is not to the liking of users since they are not the most precise when playing more traditional games and both their grip and the layout of their buttons leave something to be desired. To fix this, this knob the Split Pad Pro comes into the picture.

This controller is characterized by being able to offer maximum precision and comfort when it comes to enjoying our Nintendo Switch in portable mode. It has a better grip surface, larger triggers, sticks and crosshead than the original Joy-Con, so they will be more comfortable for us to use. It also has back buttons programs and a turbo function with 3 settings (5, 10, 20 pulses). And of course it adapts perfectly to the Switch base.

Split Pad Pro

Therefore, we are facing a revolutionary alternative with which we can improve our experience and ergonomics through this handheld controller. Its analog sticks have a natural size, which, together with its extra-large triggers and other advanced features, will allow us to play with greater comfort and precision even during long gaming sessions.

Get the Split Pad Pro controller for only €35

As we have been able to verify, the Split Pad Pro controller is a great alternative to the Nintendo Joy-Con, so we will be able to improve our experience when playing with the Switch in portable mode. And best of all is its price, since we can buy them on Amazon at their historical minimum. Its recommended retail price is €49.99, but for limited time and units it can be ours. for only €35.69which represents a 29% discount for a total saving of more than €14.

The remote is sold and shipped by Amazon, so we will have free shipping and the guarantee of the e-commerce giant worldwide.