Epic Games is giving away a cool adventure that you have to play

If shooters like DOOM or Call of Duty aren’t your thing, or complicated FIFA matches, probably what you’re looking for is a story that grabs you and presents you with calm hieroglyphics with which to rack your brains out in more than one session of game. Well, if that is exactly what you are looking for, you are in luck, since Epic Games is giving away a great adventure.

the call of the sea

call of the sea

Led by the Spanish studio Out of the Blue, in Call of the Sea we will put ourselves in the shoes of Nora, a young woman who decides to go in search of a missing expedition that her husband was on. It’s the 1930s, and your destination is none other than a remote Pacific island with spectacular fauna and vegetation.

But in the early stages of the game you will see that something is happening on the island, since a halo of mystery surrounds everything that you begin to investigate, to such an extent that it takes you to the depths of its secrets.

A successful title

Download Call of the sea for free at Epic Games

The game first appeared on the Xbox Game Pass service so that all subscribers could play it for free upon release. The reception was spectacular, and the critics applauded the excellent work of the studio. Months later, it made the long-awaited leap to PlayStation, and ended up consecrating itself with more awards and a future release in virtual reality.

After a little over two years after its first launch, Epic Games is giving away this incredible adventure that will keep you stuck on the couch for a long time, and there will be puzzles with which you need to squeeze your ingenuity to the maximum to find the definitive solution that let me move on.

Download Call of the Sea for free

Download Call of the sea for free at Epic Games

To download the Call of the Sea game for free, all you have to do is access the Epic Games Store to add the game to the basket and make the purchase for 0 euros (available until March 16). Remember that the game will be added to your personal library, so you can install it immediately or wait to play it later. Be that as it may, add the game and don’t miss this opportunity as it is a game that doesn’t matter when you play it. Of course, if it is soon, better than better.

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