Everything new that you can see today on Apple TV +: review of premieres


It’s Friday and that means two fundamental things: that the weekend is just around the corner and that with it we find premieres on Apple TV+. The streaming platform once again takes advantage of this day to broadcast new content and this week it does so with a new series and a movie, in addition to the broadcast of episodes of series that were already on the air.

A new series and an unreleased movie

We start the review with the new children’s series Pretzel and her puppies. An animation in which a particular dachshund lives all kinds of adventures with his friends throughout 6 25-minute episodes. A new content oriented to the entertainment of the smallest of the house.

The second premiere is that of the romantic comedy Heaven is anywhere.This film centered on Northern California, puts us at the center of a young teenager who has just lost her sister and, just as she begins to fall for the new handsome boy in high school, the one who was her sister’s boyfriend appears to get in the way. his life.

Note: Although the trailers appear on YouTube only in the original version for now, Apple TV + dubs in Spanish and other languages ​​​​are available for them.

Servant, Suspects and The Afterparty premiere episode

As usual on the platform, most series broadcast their chapters on a weekly basis and this is the case of these three, which have already broadcast these new chapters:

  • servant: Chapter 4 of the 3rd season (24 of the series).
  • suspects: episode 3 of the 1st season.
  • The After Party: episode 5 of the 1st season.

Premieres already confirmed for the coming weeks

In these coming weeks and months we already have an interesting schedule of releases. It does not mean that there cannot be new announcements and even unannounced content that confirm their dates, but today what we have officially set is the following:

  • Next Friday (February 18):
    • Separation (series): premiere
    • Lincoln’s Dilemma (docuseries): premiere
  • March 4:
    • Central Park (series): 3rd season
    • Letter to… (docuseries): 2nd season
  • March 11th:
    • The last days of Ptolemy Gray (series): premiere
  • March 18th:
    • WeCrashed (series): Premiere
  • March 25th:
    • Panchiko (series): premiere
  • April 1st:
    • Slow Horses (series): premiere
  • April 15:
    • Roar (series): premiere
  • April 22:
    • They call me Magic (docuseries): premiere
  • April 29:
    • Shining girls (series): premiere
  • May 6th:
    • Tehran (series): 2nd season
  • May 20th:
    • Now and Then (series): premiere
  • August 5:
    • Luck (film): premiere
  • No confirmed date:
    • Cycles (series): 3rd season
    • Foundation (series): 2nd season
    • Killers of the Flower Moon (film): Premiere
    • The Mosquito Coast (series): 2nd season
    • Laison (series): premiere
    • Mythic Quest (series): 3rd season
    • Ted Lasso (series): 3rd season
    • The Reluctant Traveler (program): Premiere

One more thing…

If you’re a regular on Apple’s streaming platform, you might be interested to know that every week we broadcast an episode of our daily podcast dedicated to it. More specifically on Fridays, where a server (Álvaro García M.) tells you everything about the weekly releases, as well as news of upcoming releases, synopses and reviews of the content. This week we have dedicated it precisely to commenting on what all these upcoming Apple TV + releases are about. You can listen to it on any podcast platform.