Everything that will change at HBO Max: rates, new name and more

Do you remember the article in which we explained the difference between HBO, HBO Max and HBO Spain? Well, it seems that we are going to get old sooner rather than later. It turns out that the platform is already closing its famous merger with Discovery+ and that is going to bring with it important changes that imply from changes in rates and even a new name for the service!

A long-awaited merger

We were warned last year and finally the whole project begins to come true. We refer to the changes that we will see as a result of the purchase of Warner Bros. by discovery, an agreement billionaire with which the rules of the game will change again in the world of streaming content.

And it is that Warner Bros. Discoverywhich is its new name, intends to take the lead within the sector with a merger that is going to bring a lot of tail due to the numerous changes that it will apply shortly.

Warner Bros. Discovery

The first of them, of course, has to do with their rates. According to collect the american medium Bloomberg, we will see 3 new rates linked to HBO: a basic one with advertising; another of standard quality but without ads and finally a premium one. The cost of each of them will be 10, 16 and 20 dollars, respectively, so that as well point in GizmodoES, the top plan would become the most expensive on the market.

We do not know at the moment, yes, how this will be translated in countries like Spain. As you well know, in our country there is only one subscription plan that also enjoys a lifetime discount for many of those who once signed up for a super promotion of the platform.

New content, new name, new stage

The North American publication also mentions an important change in the contents, although a priori, it would be in a positive way, since the catalog of HBO would gobble up all the content of Discovery +the Discovery service.

In this sense, there has been a lot of controversy in the US: an internal investigation revealed that Discovery+ subscribers were not interested to have access to HBO content and much less to pay more for it, which would cause more than one to abandon – we are talking about paying double what they currently pay.

Some media have pointed out that this would have caused a change in the plans of Warner Bros. Discovery, but at the moment it is still not entirely clear how the catalogs will turn out.

What does seem much more decided is the name change. HBO Max will be renamed simply “max” to make a bit of a clean slate and incidentally celebrate the arrival of Discovery + content.

Again, it is a change that we imagine will also be applied in Spain, although until April 12, when there is an official Warner press conference, we will not be able to finally clarify all this mess of rates, names and countries. Don’t worry, we will keep you informed.