Expensive and unnecessary… but it’s the most beastly monitor you can buy

the ASUS RoG Swift PG42UQ monitor already has a price

It seemed like a forgotten idea, but it seems that large-format gaming monitors are making a comeback. The launch has just been announced by ASUS two 42-inch and 48-inch gaming monitors. These two monitors are characterized by having OLED-type panels and being designed for 4K resolution, yes, at a totally inaccessible price.

Occasionally we see advertisements for devices that are really of little interest to the average user. It is true that, among video game fans, there are users with purchasing power who want components to show them off. Of course, these two gaming monitors are one more example of unnecessary hardware that is only worth showing off.

ASUS introduces monitors with OLED panels

If there is a manufacturer of hardware and peripherals of great prestige, it is ASUS. The Taiwanese manufacturer is widely recognized throughout the world for its high quality products and very attractive design. The brand Republic of Gamers (RoG) is possibly the most famous in the world when it comes to solutions for video game fans.

The company presented the ASUS RoG Swift PG42UQ and PG48UQ monitors during CES 2022. Since then, nothing more had been known about them. Both are based on large format OLED panels to offer an unprecedented gaming experience, as well as include support for the HDR technology.

This large format RoG monitor is based on an OLED panel manufactured by LG Display. It is further specified that it offers r4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels) and one 120Hz refresh rate over HDMI and up to 138Hz over DisplayPort 1.4. Does this monitor include compatibility with HDR10has a maximum brightness of 900 nits, a 0.1ms response time10-bit color, and a Delta E<2 calibration.

The first to go on sale is the ASUS RoG Swift PG42UQ, which is currently available for reservation. Above all, ASUS stresses that they have designed these screens as gaming monitors for PC, which are not OLED TVs turned into monitors like the 42-inch Sony A90K.

The company highlights that a coating against reflections has been included for these monitors. It is also indicated that a custom heat sink has been developed that “guarantees 8% lower temperatures to increase the longevity of the OLED panel”

image quality offered by the ASUS RoG Swift PG42UQ

Very good, but very expensive

This 42-inch ASUS monitor has two HDMI 2.1 ports, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 port, a USB hub, and built-in speakers.

As noted by ASUS, it differs from triangular pixel QD-OLED monitors in that these monitors have conventional RGB type pixels. What this offers us is that the text and objects are better defined, without annoying color stripes.

One of the problems that this monitor presents is that we must be about a meter and a half from it. We are talking about a large format with great brightness, something that at a shorter distance can damage our eyesight.

It is not the only problem and it is that the ASUS RoG Swift PG42UQ monitor can now be reserved for 1,399 pounds, which in exchange is almost 1,700 euros. Come on, with what this monitor is worth, you buy a brutal gaming PC.