Fan of Japan? The samurai series that you should not miss

The samurai have starred in some of the very best movies in movie historical past, from Kurosawa till the one starring Tom Cruise in 2003. But not solely on the large display do we discover these tales that take us again centuries to satisfy the soldiers japanese however we additionally discover some series of samurai that enable us to know a little bit extra about their method, their customs or their each day.

Although there are not too many samurai series What we will see (in comparison with the big quantity of movie productions) there are legendary anime tales like Rurouni Kenshin or current productions on Netflix that carry us a little bit nearer to this era.

The golden age of samurai

A docuseries or series of samurai didactics is The golden age of samurai. Released in 2021 On Netflix it takes us to Japan, to feudal Japan within the age of the samurai. It is a documentary of six episodes of about 40 or 45 minutes by which the specialists inform us all the main points about these warriors, about their traditions, their studying, their battle. The series does not solely search statements that assist us perceive the time moderately, it has spectacular recreations of the best-known battles or how the betrayals or executions have been by samurai warriors. In addition, it additionally names households or some of the best-known troopers in historical past books, troopers and clans who fought to dominate all of the territory in Japan.

One of the very best choices if you have an interest within the topic and need be taught one thing extra past cartoons or fiction series.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2021

Chapters: One season, six episodes

Duration: Around 40 or 45 minutes per chapter

Thematic: War Documentaries / History / Violent

Recommended age: For individuals over 16 years previous

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Rurouni Kenshin

One of the nice anime classics that we will see on Netflix and one of the quintessential samurai series. Ruroni Kenshin takes us to the Japan of the Meji Era to satisfy the wanderer Kenshin Himura. Travel from metropolis to metropolis with a single objective: needs to neglect his previous as a bloody assassin, as one of essentially the most harmful in Japan. He travels along with his reverse-edged sword, seeks to be nameless and not keep anyplace however wanders from metropolis to metropolis. But i do know he’ll discover a teenage lady, Kamiya Kaouru, who will invite you to stick with her as an teacher of the Kendo dojo that she has inherited from her father. But Kenshin is haunted by ghosts (and the dwelling with a vengeance). A basic that can’t be lacking from this record and that was launched in 1996 however nonetheless as we speak is a superb choice to take pleasure in with the household.

In addition, Kenshin has a pair of reside motion motion pictures on Netflix that we will see if we wish additionally on the streaming platform, though they’re criticized by many for not dwelling as much as the series.

Platform: Netflix

Year: nineteen ninety six

Episodes: A 94-episode season

Duration: About 23 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Samurais and motion

Age: Over 13 years previous

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Watch Kenshin the Samurai Warrior – The Beginning on Netflix

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Samurai 7

A remake or reinvention in anime format of The 7 Samurai by Akira Kurosawa that we will see on Netflix. Around 26 episodes of this TV series that takes us to the village of Kanna within the distant future. The Nobuserie frequently threaten the peasants of this city, samurai who’re ruined as a result of there are not any wars and who should steal to outlive. They steal the harvest and terrorize the peoples. But to guard them they are going to determine that they are going to “rent” different samurai to make him face it.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2004

Episodes: One season, 26 episodes

Duration: About 25 minutes

Thematic: Samurai, historic anime

Age: For over twelve years

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Samurai 7


Yasuke is an anime series accessible on Netflix if you are searching for cartoon samurai series. He is a boatman. A peaceable boatman with a previous: he was identified earlier than because the Black Samurai and now he has left the combat behind however your peace plans They change when he should shield a woman with powers. A series based mostly on a personality that actually existed and one of the very best anime series that we will see as we speak on Netflix.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2021

Episodes: One season, six episodes

Duration: About 30 minutes per chapter

Thematic: Fantastic anime, Japanese series

Age: For individuals over 16 years previous

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The gourmand samurai

It is not a samurai series as such however a comedy that follows Takeshi, a just lately retired man who will present his ardour for meals right here. Based on a self-titled e book and manga, solely twelve episodes of a miniseries by which Takeshi connects “With the warrior inside” making an attempt all types of dishes that carry us nearer to Japanese tradition. A comedy, cooking and warrior miniseries by a person who is aware of that his retirement will dedicate him to having fun with what he loves most: culinary pleasures. Here there isn’t a motion or wars or fights however twelve episodes of twenty minutes by which the protagonist will stroll by town discovering new eating places. In this discovery of every new restaurant, we additionally transfer again in time to seek out the “samurai” that Takeshi has inside.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2017

Episodes: One season, 12 episodes

Duration: About twenty minutes for every chapter

Thematic: Based on manga / Cooking and culinary expertise

Age: For over seven years

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gourmet samurai


One of essentially the most addictive and common Korean series on Netflix is ​​Kingdom, a series of samurai and zombies, post-apocalyptic and classic. A union between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that follows the story of the Joseon dynasty. The king has died and in Korea rumors start in regards to the trigger of his demise. A plague threatens to spoil every thing that surrounds the dominion and the crown prince must discover a answer earlier than the zombie apocalypse ends every thing. Zombies, energy, kings, queens, revenge and betrayal in a palace by which catastrophe worries in a plot that hooks.

Kingdom is not a lot a series of samurai as it’s a series of zombies that is dedicated to a special strategy than typical: it’s not the residents who flee and search to outlive however those that command should put an finish to this catastrophe, they’ve the mission to avoid wasting His city. Or they are going to end them off.

Platform: Netflix

Year: 2019

Chapters: Two seasons, twelve episodes

Duration: Between 45 and 60 minutes

Thematic: Zombies, Survival and Apocalypse / Korean Series

Recommended age: For individuals over 16 years previous

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