Find out your public IP with a simple command on Windows or Linux

When we browse the Internet, to ensure that this activity to be achieved, we use varied protocols similar to TCP / IP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, and extra. Apart from that, we’d like an identifier that permits us to make requests and obtain responses, and that’s none aside from the public IP handle. In this case, what permits us to carry out this activity on the Internet is the public IP. Sometimes we have to comprehend it to have the ability to arrange a internet, FTP or recreation server. One of the methods during which we may discover out is by getting into a web site to inform us what it’s, nevertheless, you could possibly additionally know your public IP with a single command.

The very first thing we’re going to do is know what a public IP is and the completely different lessons that exist. Then we are going to see how yow will discover out your public IP with a simple command in a Windows 10 command immediate window. Afterwards, we are going to find yourself verifying that this IP is our actual public IP, and we are going to see what data we are able to receive from it.

What is an IP and what are its varieties

The IP adress We may outline it as a logical and distinctive identifier for every of the computer systems which might be related to a community. Today most networks are IPv4, however as a result of we’d like increasingly more IP as a result of there are extra related units, we must migrate to IPv6 networks. To provide you with an thought of ​​the distinction, an instance of an IPv6 handle may very well be this:


And one other IPv4 handle is that this, which is the one we now have for now:

collect the Internet operator from your browsing

With regard to IPs, we are able to say that there are two varieties: these which might be public and routable over the Internet, and people which might be personal. According to the Private IP We may say that they’re those that determine every of the computer systems related to our native community which might be behind the NAT. A typical instance is likely to be a laptop computer or smartphone related to a router’s Wi-Fi community.

Then we now have the Public IP, which would be the identifier of our community for the Internet. An vital consideration is that we won’t be able to place the one we wish, and the particular person in command of establishing it will likely be the Internet supplier or ISP. Then they may very well be of two varieties:

  • Static public IP, which might be the best to mount an FTP server or of one other sort as a result of it by no means modifications.
  • Dynamic public IP, which is able to change in accordance with what our supplier decides.

You could also be occupied with understanding some instruments to see your public IP.

How to see your public IP with a simple command in Windows

If you wish to discover out your public IP with a simple command it is extremely simple. The very first thing we now have to do is open a command immediate window and for this we are going to observe these steps:

  1. Let’s go to Start Menu.
  2. We sort run and we press enter.
  3. There we write CMD and we press enter once more.

Then we are going to discover a command immediate window like this to enter instructions.

Next, we now have to write down the next command after which press enter:


These are the outcomes I’ve obtained:

Here you’ve got your public IP with a simple command marked with a crimson arrow. Next, we are going to verify that the IP that we now have really obtained is our public IP.

Contrast the public IP of the consequence

After acquiring your public IP with a simple command in a command immediate window, it’s time to contract the outcomes. We are going to do it by means of a trusted web site that’s what is my Its operation may be very simple, just by clicking on the earlier hyperlink it is possible for you to to see your public IP.

As you possibly can see, the public IP matches completely with the command we now have beforehand executed in Windows. Our public IP reveals a lot extra details about us than we expect. If we click on on Geolocate IP we are going to uncover extra issues.

Here we get new information like metropolis, latitude and longitude. Also, if you’d like, right here you’ve got the whole lot you possibly can uncover by understanding somebody’s public IP.

As you’ve got seen, we are able to have our public IP by executing a simple command and utilizing OpenDNS. Finally, right here you’ve got realized to know your public IP with a simple command and in addition by means of a internet.