For €2 a day this Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G can be yours

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G

samsung, This legendary company in terms of manufacturing smart devices, creator of some of the most advanced mobile phones and tablets of recent times, today has a €80 discount in one of its most emblematic products: the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 in his version 4G.

If you have been looking for a tablet for a long time and you want it to be a good quality one but in which you do not have to spend too much money, then this may be the perfect occasion for you. Now, thanks to Worten, you can take home this piece of Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G and save €80 in the process.

Although it is important, the price is not the characteristic that we should take into account the most when opting for one model or another. That is why right now we are going to see some of the features that this tablet Samsung has to offer you and you will see if it is what you are looking for.

Attributes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G tablet

First of all, since it cannot be otherwise on a tablet, let’s talk about the screen. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G It has a 10.5-inch LCD panel and a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution with HD quality high definition. This allows you to reproduce images, videos and video games in great detail so you don’t miss a thing.

Second, the component that makes everything work correctly, the processor, it’s a 2GHz UNISOC T618. It is not the eighth wonder of the world, but it has more than enough processing power for the functions that a tablet must fulfill. Furthermore, if we add the 3GB of RAM with which it counts, this will help you to enjoy a much more fluid and natural user experience.

The third point to highlight of this tablet is their cameras. With the arrival of the Covid pandemic a few years ago, the popularity of video conferencing and video calls reached all-time highs, making tablets one of the most used devices for these purposes.

Thanks to this, the latest models of tablets that we can find on the market, such as this Galaxy Tab A8 4G They have much better cameras than the models prior to 2019. Specifically, this Samsung tablet has a 8MP rear camera and one 5MP front so that the quality of your image in video calls is good.

Our opinion

Taking into account that samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smart devices on the planet, that its products have awesome quality and that the Galaxy Tab A8 4G It is one of its best-selling tablet models around the world, it is more than clear that missing the opportunity to get it €80 cheaper it’s a real pity.

Thanks to the fact that Worten has lowered its price, today you can get it for only €199 and save you almost 30% of its full price. Are you going to miss this opportunity? ohget it here and now!