Forget about losing things with this ingenuity from Apple: the AirTag

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Surely on some other occasion you have lost hundreds of objects, even your pet has gone out the door and it has taken you forever to find it. Well, there is a very useful little gadget from Apple that will save you more than one headache for less than 40 euros. Yes, it’s that simple! Today we come to tell you all about this very interesting gadget.

Surely on some other occasion you have heard of this most useful gadget: the Apple Air Tag. A device smaller than the palm of your hand that, in other words, is a locator that uses the signal of the iPhone to find its location through GPS. And it’s also super cheap!

We are here to tell you all about this incredible gadget from the brand of the bitten apple. There are also many other locators in case you do not have an iPhone, here we attach a list with many of them.

Find everything thanks to the Apple AirTag!

It is a renewed model with certain improvements over the previous. Of course, the main thing you should know is that you will need an Apple device to be able to locate it at all times. It does not matter if it is an iPhone or an iPad, the point is that it is only compatible with Apple devices.

It works through Find application on those devices, the same one you use to locate and find your friends and other devices. Well, a small tab allows you to find the AirTag. And the best of all is that it is very simple to use and configure: with a single touch you will have it ready.

You can even make it sound the built-in speaker to find the objects. It’s highly compatible with Siri, so you’re always on the spot. As we told you, use the various signals that iPhone phones emit to locate your AirTagso it is very easy to locate every very little time.

Apple Air Tag

Whatever it is you’ve lost, you will find it with the AirTag. It weighs nothing and is practically imperceptible. To the point that it has a small hole to hang it wherever you want: from your dog’s collar to car or house keys. The point is never to lose sight of anything. In addition, there are many keychains and options to be able to take it with you wherever you are.

On the hunt for the best price on Amazon!

The usual price of this Apple AirTag is usually above 40 euros on various websites. However, you can get it on Amazon for less than 40 euros through the following link.

Remember that you will not need any type of battery or anything like that. It works on a battery that usually lasts a few years, which is another of its main handicaps. And when it stops working, you will have more than paid for it!