Four PlayStation games you have right now on sale for Steam

god of war

One of the great claims with which Sony has managed to get players to trust their PlayStation more than Microsoft Xbox is the legion of exclusives that it uses to differentiate its catalog that of the Americans. Although in recent times that aura of differentiation has been reduced a bit as the Japanese bet on the PC platform, where they have published some of those (already) PS4 classics.

Take advantage of Christmas to play

That PlayStation experience has exploded in recent years with the arrival on stores like Steam of a good number of franchises that are extraordinarily successful and popular on both PS4 and PS5. And what remains to come, since returnablefor example, will also land on our computers throughout the next 2023. So since we are at Christmas, we have decided to bring you four irresistible offers on as many titles based on hits from sony.

These discounts can be found right now on the Fanatical website (to redeem within Steam), which is characterized by commercialize digital games for various platforms, as well as interesting bundles which are especially juicy for the prices at which we can purchase several titles at the same time. Now, these days, bargains are flourishing everywhere and that is why we have decided to bring you four. Are these:

god of war

what to say about one of the great PS4 classics that in recent weeks has received a plot continuation within God of War Ragnarok. The title that has redirected the franchise for the next few years, mixing much more refined action with certain touches of role-playing and a story told in a single sequence shot that is a real delight (rhyme).

Price: 25.49 euro.

Spider-Man Remastered

The game launched by Imsomniac after signing a collaboration agreement with Sony to work on PlayStation, is one of the best superhero titles ever. Also, on PC you have it completely remastered, with updated graphics and ready for 4K and, of course, to squeeze the potential of our ray-traced graphics.

Price: 37.19 euro.

days gone

Surely is one of the most misunderstood Sony exclusives, a great open world game on a planet hit by a zombie apocalypse and that has tens of hours of main story and quest Secondaries that offer such a dark and tragic background that, the same, served to not connect with the fans. Though The Last of Us It is not that it is the joy of the garden…

Price: 13.74 euro.

Uncharted The Thief’s Legacy Collection

This compilation released for PS5 containing Uncharted 4 Y Uncharted The Lost Legacy, It is the best opportunity to enjoy the last two titles released by Sony on PC from the franchise starring Nathan Drake (in this case half starring). Two extraordinary reasons to spend Christmas playing non-stop and soaking up that lore created by Naughty Dog a decade and a half ago.

Price: 28.49 euro.