Get ahead of Black Friday with PcComponentes flash offers

pccomponents black friday

The month of November is leaving us with an immense number of offers due to the proximity of the black friday, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself. Especially if you look at the website of PcComponents, where their flash offers will leave you speechless. Today we have compiled the five most powerful ones, so keep reading and do not miss them!

If you want to get the most out of Black Friday, you will love the offers that we bring you today. Because from PcComponentes they have anticipated this very important Friday with some flash deals. That means that they will be changing every day, every few hours, so you will have to keep checking it from time to time!

3 flash tech deals for Black Friday

from the section of technology, we could not resist choosing three offers! The first are these amazing hyperx headphonesideal both for playing video games and for those who make video calls on a regular basis.

The design is, at the same time, very gamer and very discreet. Because while it is true that it has those red lines that make it stand out, its base color is also very simple. What is truly spectacular is hidden inside, because they have a sound quality that will leave you speechless. They are designed so that you can wear them for hours and hours without noticing that your ears bother you at any time.

In addition, by connecting via a Jack port, you will not have to be constantly thinking about the drums. You will enjoy eternal days! Go after them and take advantage of the fact that they are half-price right now.

We couldn’t stop mentioning this logitech mouse, the G502 Lightspeed model. Because it’s almost half price too! It is wirelessergonomic and is specifically designed so that you get the most out of it.

logitech black friday mouse

It has a design that is already considered almost a classic in the world of Logitech, but completely renovated in terms of technology. It is especially striking that it has a HERO-sensor It offers maximum travel speed. Their maximum sensitivity It is 25,600 DPI, although you can program it to fit you better.

It has a total of eleven buttons, fully customizable, as well as a very fast scroll wheel button. And it lights up! All this can be yours for only €79instead of the almost €160 that is usually around.

The jewel in the crown: a PC like no other

Of the brand pccom we had to bring, of necessity, this amazing PcCom Silver with a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 inside. It is a desktop computer with a unique design, and with LED lights! if you want your set up look in a totally different way, this is the one you need.

PCCom Silver AMD Ryzen 5

In addition to the processor that we have already mentioned, it has a RAM 16 GB and a storage capacity of 480 GB SSD. And it includes a GTX1660 SUPER graphics card. Has it all! Your games will be more fluid and powerful than ever with this incredible computer.

The price the lowest it has been up to now is €805and right now you can buy it for only €649. So don’t think about it too much! Because, in addition, there are not too many on offer.

And two highly discounted Smart TVs!

We could not not include in our list some of the Smart TV that PcComponentes has lowered to anticipate Black Friday. The first one we have chosen is LGand it has a very interesting size:55 inches! Of course, it has 4K resolution.

lg 55 inch

It has inside one of the most powerful and intuitive operating systems, webOS22. Also, it’s a open and intelligent ecosystemwith which you can customize everything you need.

In addition to having a good resolution, it is compatible with technology HDR10+. That will allow you to enjoy unparalleled quality of detail. And it even has features! gaming so you can get the most out of it by playing! Take advantage, because it has dropped from €649 to just €399.

And we move on to the last of our flash offers! In this case, a samsung tv something more compact. It stays at 43 inches, so it’s ideal for more compact rooms. The panel is QLEDand it has 4K resolution so you can see everything with maximum clarity.

Samsung Series 6

Of course, he brings Quantum HDR10+, so both sharpness and details will be maximum. It has an AirSlim design that will make it go unnoticed in any piece of furniture, something that you will appreciate if you have a minimalist decoration. It also has a power and a fluidity that will leave you speechless.

The really amazing thing is that you can get it for less than €450. So don’t think about it, because there are few left!

If you want to get the most out of PcComponentes’ flash offers, you can’t miss the ones we’ve just shown! Remember that they will change every few hours, so check the web from time to time until Black Friday arrives.