Get the most affordable Nespresso coffee machine: less than €60!

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The capsules of Nespresso They have become the favorites of a large part of coffee consumers. In addition to having an incredible variety, it is relatively easy to find compatible coffee machines at a competitive price. Although the thing about this coffee maker Philips It’s a unique opportunity, so don’t miss it!

Since The English Court They have decided to throw the house out the window and offer an incredible offer. The Philips Barista Original automatic coffee machine has an important 40% discountthus positioning it as one of the most affordable you will find.

This coffee machine has an important added advantage: it is not only compatible with Nespresso capsules, but also with L’OR ones. so you will have so many varieties of coffee for proving that you will never ever get tired of them.

A Nespresso coffee machine at a 40% discount

If you are a coffee lover, this capsule coffee maker is ideal for you. Especially if you live with another consumer of this drink, since it allows you prepare 2 coffees at the same time. Or a double coffee! In this way, you can enjoy your moment for longer each morning.

Count with one adjustable volume ranging from 25 ml to 220 ml, with which you can completely customize your coffee. In addition, it offers a drinks menu among which you will find ristretto, espresso, lungo coffees and many more.

It has a automatic technology capsule recognition that is capable of detecting the size and type of capsule. In this way, it adapts to it and doses the necessary water for each recipe. This makes both the flavor and the aroma totally unbeatable.

Refering to ability of the water tank, it is up to 1 litre. You will be able to make several coffees in a row without having to constantly think about whether or not you need to refill the tank, something that will make your life much more comfortable. Besides, the drip tray it is fully adjustable. All your favorite cups will have a place in this coffee maker!

Turning to other more technical details, it should be noted that it has a power of 1450 W and a pressure of 19 bars. In other words, despite its low cost, this is a high-quality Nespresso coffee machine.

Enjoy the best coffee in the world with your coffee maker

There are certain details at aesthetic that must always be taken into account when buying a coffee maker. Although we believe that the importance lies within, it is essential that fits well with your kitchen so that you do not feel that it is an element that is left over. In this case, this Philips coffee maker is a great design choice. It is simple, it has quite discreet lines and it is compact enough that it never bothers you in this regard.

Normally, to get this Nespresso you should pay around €100. However, and thanks to the discounts at El Corte Inglés, it can be yours for just €59. A real bargain with which you can enjoy all the coffee you want every day.