Get to know all the Xiaomi stores in Spain that are close to you

xiaomi mi stores in spain location

In 2017, the arrival of Xiaomi in the country It was a fact, one of the most anticipated in a long time that became a reality. They opened an official website and announced the opening of their first store on November 7, 2017 at The valley. Subsequently, more stores were born up to the ones that exist today. For this reason, we are going to tell you about all the company’s stores in Spain and how to locate them.

If you want to know what all the shops in Spain or which one is closest to you, we tell you how to find the closest to you, but first we show you all the stores differentiating them in case they are the official ones destined solely for this purpose, the authorized stores or the partner stores. Thus, if you only want to go to an exclusive store, you will discover where they are and if you have one near your home, while if you do not care which one, you will know all the ones there are so that you can choose the one that most convinces you or is the closest.

exclusive shops

You can also find exclusive stores, which have been created with the sole objective of offer the company’s products to his clients. At present, there are many stores of this type, so we will tell you what are they and their location, so you know how to get to each of them. You will find products, services and the best advice from specialized professionals.

  • Tagus Light. CC Luz del Tajo – Av. del Río Boladiez s/n, 45007 (Toledo)
  • H2o. Marie Curie, 4. 28521. Rivas-VaciaMadrid (Madrid)
  • Albacete. Calle Mayor, 24, 02001 (Albacete)
  • Fair Square. CC Ferial Plaza – Av. Eduardo Guitián, 13-19, 19002 (Guadalajara)
  • Gran Via Alicante. CC Gran Vía Alicante – C/ Jose Garcia Selles, 2, 03015 (Alicante)
  • Almeria. Av. Federico García Lorca 49, 04004 (Almería)
  • Torre Cardenas. CC TorreCárdenas – Av. Médico Francisco Pérez Company 19, 04009 (Almería)
  • Valladolid. Atrio de Santiago Street, 1, 47001 (Valladolid)
  • rocks of the sea C/ Santiago de Compostela 3, 04740 (Roquetas de Mar-Almería)
  • The wit. CC El Ingenio – Av. del Rey Juan Carlos I, 18, 29700 Vélez-Málaga, (Málaga)
  • sea ​​Tower. Calle del Mar, 4, 29740 Torre del Mar, (Málaga).
  • The Alcores. CC Los Alcores – Local 53-54, 41500 Alcalá de Guadaíra, (Seville)
  • Seville Tower. Calle Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada, 2 Local 60, Floor 0, 41092 (Seville)
  • Miramar. C. C Miramar – Av. de la Encarnación, s/n, 29640
  • ReusTarragona. Plaza del Mercadal, 5, 43201m Reus (Tarragona)
  • South area. CC Area South, N-IV, Local 639, ground floor – Local B-13 (Jerez de la Frontera)
  • Huelva-Holea. Ronda Exterior Zona Sur, s/n, 21007 (Huelva)
  • Blvd. CC El Boulevard – Zaramaga Kalea, 1, 01013 Gasteiz, (Álava)
  • Pamplona. Calle García Ximénez, 4, 31002 Pamplona (Navarra)
  • Bilbao. C/ Ercilla 43, 48011 (Bilbao)
  • Max Center. CC Max Center Kareaga Kalea, S/N, 48903 Barakaldo (Bilbao)
  • Saint Sebastian. CC Plaza Norte 2, Plaza del Comercio, 11-12, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
  • Royal Valley. CC Valle Real – Calle Alday, s/n, 39600 Maliaño (Cantabria)
  • Majorca. Jaume III Avenue, N5, 07012, Palma (Balearic Islands)
  • Espai Girones. CC Espai Gironés- C/ Camí dels Carlins 10, 17190 Salt, (Girona)
  • Gerona. Gran Vía de Jaume I, 84, 17001 (Girona)

Authorized stores

The authorized ones are official retail stores configured and operated by authorized from Xiaomi. The authorized stores that work best are those located in shopping centers with large influx or well positioned, such as Sol in Madrid, La Maquinista in Barcelona and others. Bilbao, San Sebastian and northern Spain are also active. Each one of them has its particularities, so you can approach them or look for more information in the search engine indicated above. We tell you about all the stores of this type in Spain.

xiaomi stores in spain

  • South Park. Av. of Great Britain, S/N, 28916 (Leganés).
  • The Gavia. CC La GAVIA – Adolfo Bioy Casares Street, 2, 28051 (Madrid)
  • Xanadu. A-5, Km 23.5, 28939, Arroyomolinos (Madrid)
  • Sun. Calle de Carretas, 5, 28012 (Madrid)
  • Full moon. Calle Aracne 3, 28022, (Madrid)
  • trough. Av. de Monforte de Lemos, 36, Level 0 Local A-98, 28029 (Madrid)
  • North Square 2. CC Plaza Norte 2, Plaza del Comercio, 11-12, 28703, San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
  • Big Square 2. CC Gran Plaza 2 – Av. del Manzanares, 210, 28026 (Madrid)
  • New Condominium. CC Nueva Condomina – Autovía del Mediterráneo, Km. 760, 30110 Churra, 30110 (Murcia)
  • Nevada. CC Nevada Shopping – Av. de las Palmeras, 75, 18100 Armilla (Granada)
  • Ruzafa. Passeig de Russafa, 14, 46002 (Valencia)
  • Bonaire. Bonaire Commercial Park, N-III, Km. 345, Local B-452, 46960, (Valencia)
  • Road salt pan. CC Salera – Carretera N-340, km 64.5, 12006, 12006 Castellón de la Plana (Castellón)
  • Larios. CC Larios – Av. de la Aurora, 25, 29002 (Malaga)
  • Malaga Plaza Mayor. CC Plaza Mayor – Calle Alfonso Ponce de León, 3-2, 29140 (Málaga)
  • nerve. CC Nervión Plaza – Calle Luis de Morales, 3, 41005 (Seville)
  • Venice port. CC Puerto Venecia – Crossing Jardines Reales 7, 50021 Zaragoza Local 132 (Zaragoza)
  • Central Park. CC Parc Central – Carrer de Vidal i Barraquer, 15, 17, 43005 (Tarragona)
  • Principality Park. CC Parque Principado Autovía Ruta de La Plata, Km.4. 33429. Walls. The Cuete. Asturias.
  • Splau. Av. del Baix Llobregat, s/n, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, (Barcelona)
  • Finestars. CC Finestrelles – Carrer de Laureà Miró, 38, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)
  • Grand Via 2. Av. de la Gran Vía 75, 08908 (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat).
  • L’illa Mall. Avingunda Diagonal, 557, 08029 (Barcelona)
  • Machinist. Potosi Street, 08030 (Barcelona)
  • Granollers. Plaza Josep Maluquer i Salvador 24, 08041 (Granollers)
  • Marineda City. Carretera Baños de Arteixo 43, 15008 (A Coruña)
  • Sands. CC Las Arenas – Ctra. del Rincón, s/n, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)
  • Tenerife. CC Meridiano – Av. Manuel Hermoso Rojas, 16, 38005 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Partner Store

Beyond the exclusive and authorized official stores there are others where you can find the best Xiaomi products with guarantees. The partner stores or dedicated spaces in stores such as Alcampo, Phone House, El Corte Inglés and others are also a good place to purchase company products officially and safely, with the expected guarantees. For this reason, we comment on the partner stores that the company has in the country to respond to the needs of all its customers wherever they are.

xiaomi stores in spain

  • Fnac Callao. Calle de Preciados, 28. 28013 (Madrid)
  • El Corte Ingles Callao. Plaza del Callao, 2. 28013 (Madrid)
  • The English Court Goya. Calle de Goya, 87. 28001 (Madrid)
  • The English Court Alcalá de Henares. Avda. Juan Carlos 1, S/N. Alcala (Madrid)
  • Media Markt San Sebastian of the Kings. CC Megapark. National Road A1 Exit 19. San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid)
  • Worten Valencia Arena Multispace. Multispace Arena, Carrer de Santa Genoveva Torres, 21. 46019 (Valencia)
  • Fnac L’illa. Avingunda Diagonal, 557. 08029 (Barcelona)
  • Fnac Triangle. El Triangle Shopping Center, Plaza de Catalunya, 5. 08002 (Madrid)
  • Media Markt The Machinist. C/Ciutat d’Asunci (Madrid)
  • Media Markt Ocimax. Center De Oci Ocimax. C/Berbe Pere Puigdorfila, 1. 07010. Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands)
  • Canary Atlantic Worten. Atlantic Neighborhood Shopping Center. C. Adargoma. 35110. Neighborhood. Las Palmas (Canary Islands)
  • Worten Las Chafiras Canarias. Av. Claudio Delgado Díaz, N 13. 38639. Las Chafiras. Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)

How to find your nearest store

If you want to find your nearest store, you have a store search engine on Xiaomi’s own website. You can find it in this address. You will have to continue down to the store locator. You can search for the specific city or look on the map. For search the city It is important that you write it correctly and see if any suggestions appear, since, otherwise, or if there are no stores exactly in the area, no results will appear.

search city finder

if you allow activate your location, You will find as a first result the nearest store and how far away it is. you will continue to see shops by distance to which they are of you. Yes you do not activate the locationyou will see the list of default stores, so to find the closest one you just have to go to the map next to the list and you will see in the orange and blue clips what’s in it You must place yourself in the one that you see closest to you on the map. If there are several that seem close, tap on the map and scroll. You can also zoom in to narrow your search.

xiaomi store locator in spain

Yes you play in a store, considered the closest, or any other you want to find out about, its address, distance and more information will appear. In addition, you will see if the store is exclusive, authorized or partner. go to plus if you want to know more about it, such as the services it offers. In the list itself, there is also information about the store with its address, hours and distance, so you can choose where to obtain the information depending on what is most convenient for you.

You can also buy Xiaomi products at vendors authorized such as MediaMarkt, Fnac, El Corte Inglés, Worten, Alcampo, Carrefour, Phone House and Eroski. in its modality on-line, the recommended sales channels are Amazon, AliExpress, PC Components and Goboo. The operators official cooperatives are Yoigo, Orange and Movistar.