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eBook SPC Dickens Light 2

Are you passionate about reading and looking for a device that allows you to enjoy your favorite books Anytime, anywhere? The SPC Dickens Light 2 is the perfect eBook reader for you! Take a look below and discover everything this awesome eBook reader, or eReader, has to offer. Take advantage now that It’s on sale!

Reading on an electronic device has A lot of advantages, such as being able to carry several books on a single device, access a wide variety of titles, and save space both at home and in your backpack or bag. That is why this class of devices have gained so much popularity in recent years, since they are very comfortable and versatile.

However, its comfort and versatility are not its only virtues. Next we present you some of the most important features of this particular model and what you should look for in other models if you are thinking of buying one of these e-book readers. Without further ado, let’s see the qualities of this SPC eReader.

Characteristics and virtues of the SPC Dickens Light 2

With a 6 inch LED screen and an HD resolution of 1,024 x 758 pixels, you will be able to enjoy your books with impressive clarity and quality. Furthermore, its density of 300 pixels per inch (dpi) ensures that every detail of the pages is clearly visible.

The SPC Dickens Light 2 features a 8 GB internal storage, allowing you to save a large number of eBooks. In addition, it has a Micro SD card slot up to 32 GBallowing you to expand storage and keep even more titles.

The comfort it is also an important factor when choosing a reading device. The SPC Dickens Light 2 is compact and lightweight, with only 168 grams of weight. This means that you can take it with you wherever you want, whether it’s on a trip, on public transport or on a day at the beach. Besides, his Ergonomic design will guarantee you a comfortable reading experience and effortlessly during hours.

It has a Long duration battery that will allow you to enjoy several hours of reading without having to worry about recharging the device. In addition, it has a integrated light function that allows you to adjust the lighting of the screen according to your preferences and needs.

And if what worries you is the compatibility, Don’t worry. This e-book reader supports a wide variety of files, including ePub, PDF, MOBIamong others.

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In resume, the SPC Dickens Light 2 is an electronic book reader that offers you a high-quality reading experience, with a 6-inch LED screen and an HD resolution of 1,024 x 758 pixels. With it you will have no problem reading your books in any format and anywhere.

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