Giant monster movies: Godzilla and the like

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What are the Kaiju?

Godzilla vs Kong

The phrase Kaiju comes straight from Japanese, because it means unusual beast or big beast. This phrase gave rise to a style that penetrated deeply into Japanese tradition, giving life to a sequence of beasts that their followers nonetheless have as we speak. The best exponent of this style is undoubtedly Godzilla, however earlier than Godzilla different monsters got here to the large display, since in The Lost World (1925) it was attainable to get pleasure from the first monster film as such.

However, the king is the king.

It all begins in 1954

The first Godzilla film featured the well-known Japanese monster in 1954, and since then, the franchise has launched a minimum of 36 motion pictures, with the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong that can arrive on March 25. Obviously the years have weighed on it, however it’s nonetheless a basic that should be taken into consideration to grasp the magnitude that the monster has reached (and not solely in dimension, but in addition).

Giant monster motion pictures

Pacific rim

Terrifying big beings seem from the depths of the sea and unleash a sequence of catastrophes that threaten the sources and lifetime of all humanity. Since the conventional army will not be sufficient, they design the so-called Jaegers, big robots that may be piloted due to a neural bridge that connects the pilots mentally with the machine. On the verge of being defeated, the people put their hopes in two pilots who take management of an outdated deserted Jaeger.


It will not be one in every of the nice exponents of big monster motion pictures, because it doesn’t provide the basic strategy, however it is rather necessary that you simply give it an opportunity when you like motion motion pictures, science fiction and a little bit of disturbing moments. This is the first installment in a trilogy made up of very completely different however interconnected movies. Only for true followers.


Nothing higher than a superb cocktail of genetic mutations to get pleasure from unusual and tremendously highly effective monsters. That is the premise proposed by Rampage, the place a primatologist and an skilled in genetics should attempt to cease three creatures born in the laboratory.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

This installment of Godzilla launched in 2019 is a powerful tribute to the saga itself, because it brings collectively three different Kaiju beasts in brutal fight: Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla’s best enemy: the three-headed big Ghidorah. A present of destruction in the purest Japanese model.


Six years after the Earth was invaded by aliens, a reporter is pressured to escort a woman who needs to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. The downside is that this space is “contaminated”, since proper there a NASA probe populated with extraterrestrial monsters landed. Like Cloverfield, the movie performs on worry of an unseen monster, till it lastly reveals its look to shock everybody.