Goodbye to the MacBook? Samsung launches its new ultralight laptops

Manzana should tremble at the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Book 3, because their MacBooks now have much stronger competition. The new Samsung computers combine the best of powers and a body very light. Stay with us and discover them!

Samsung celebrated yesterday its Unpacked 2023and presented not only its new smartphones, but also took the opportunity to talk about its new laptops. These are called Samsung Galaxy Book3, and are available in different variants, with different prices and specifications. Although they all have something in common: they weigh very littleand they have specifications that will leave you speechless.

What’s new from Samsung is crazy

Let’s start at the beginning, and that is that the brand has presented five computers with disparate sizes and different processors, in order to adapt to the different needs of users. The models are the following:

  • Galaxy Book3 Pro 14.
  • Galaxy Book3 Pro 16.
  • Galaxy Book3 360.
  • Galaxy Book3 Pro 360.
  • And the jewel in the crown, the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra.

Actually, in some of them small details change. For example, the first two, the Galaxy Book3 Pro, share all the specifications except for the screen size. For the rest, this is Dynamic AMOLED, it has a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800 and a rate of 120 Hz.

As for the processor, you can choose between a version with Intel Core i5 and another with Intel Core i7, both thirteenth generation. The same happens with the RAMwhich starts at 8 GB, goes to 16 GB and ends with a version of 32 for the most demanding.

As expected, the model that has 14 inches is lighter and has a battery with less power than the 16 inches. However, both are very complete laptops. And they have a very low weight, since they barely exceed a kilo and a half. As for the prices of both, it is believed that they will be around €1,800, depending on the internal specifications you choose.

We continue with the family with a convertible

For those looking for a somewhat more affordable laptop, and that is convertiblethe best option is the Galaxy Book3 360. Which, in addition, will also be available in its version Profor those who need a convertible but with much more power.

In this case, we have a screen Dynamic AMOLED. In the base version, you can choose between 13’3 inches and 15’6 inches; in the Pro version, the jump is made directly to 16 inches. Yes you will notice a change in resolutionsince the Pro enjoys a higher quality: 2,880 x 1,800 px compared to Full HD of the other model.

Again, there are different variants regarding the processor. While in the Galaxy Book3 360 you will only find an Intel Core i5, in the Pro version you can even choose a Intel Core i7. As for RAM, the most basic has 16 GB while the other can go up to 32 GB, depending on what you need.

He weight It continues without being a problem, since all versions remain below 1.7 kg. Although in the price yes there is difference. The Samsung Galaxy Book3 360 is the more affordable of all, since it starts from €1,399. On the other hand, the Pro version amounts to almost €2,000.

The jewel in the crown: Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra

We have left for the end the More powerful of all the laptops that Samsung has presented, and the one that is willing to stand up even to the MacBook Pro. ultraportable it has an impressive 16″ screen and a thickness that you will not believe: only 17 mm! In addition, it weighs less than 1.8 kg and has all technological news inside.

panel is OLEDit has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and is perfect even for play. The processors that you can choose in this case are thirteenth generation Core i7, or Intel Core i9 of the same generation. And even has dedicated graphics, and some very, very powerful! Because we are talking about NVIDIA RTX 4050 or NVIDIA RTX 4070, it’s up to you! Either of the two will make you enjoy a gaming computer with totally incredible power.

All these computers will be available from February 17although many are already in pre-purchase. The only one that will take a little longer is the Book3 Ultra, which is expected to arrive on February 22. Unfortunately, we still do not know the price of this in our country.