Guide to play Rise of Kingdoms on Android

If you are one of those who wants to start playing Rise of Kingdoms but you don’t know how to take your first steps, then you need one. guide to play rise of kingdoms for your Android device, and this is precisely what you will find in our blog.

Rise of Kingdoms has become a very popular mobile game all over the world, and the more users want to give such a game a try, the higher the number of searches for it. guides about this game.

The first thing to consider is that unlike other strategy titles, Rise of Kingdoms begins with the choice of a civilization. Each of these civilizations offers different passive bonuses, as well as starting commanders or enemies.

Differences like these make choosing the most appropriate civilization much more relevant than choosing the one that is more powerful. Basically, you must study passive bonds in detail just like the initial enemies before making your decision.

Afterwards, you will be introduced to the world and given a short tutorial. In this introduction you will learn the basics to get started in Rise of Kingdoms, but they won’t give you the details about the best methods of investing time in the world.

It will be here when you should pay attention to missions to progress in the best possible way. The quest list shows you what you should be doing and the more missions you complete, you will receive rewards.

No matter what focus you have, the goal in the game it will be to develop your town, Increase the level of your Town Hall in order to unlock new structures and items.

Download Rise of Kingdoms for Android

You will have to download Rise of Kingdoms for your Android mobile before putting into practice the recommendations of our guide. Luckily, the game is available on the Google app store, so all you have to do is tap on the link What will you get below?

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (Free, Google Play) →

Ways to Play Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms for Android

Our guide to play rise of kingdoms in Android it will be divided by sections, so you know what tips to apply in each section of this game:


The best option when choosing your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms, is to start in China, for as you advance, Germany will give you improvements you can’t miss.

Likewise, later, Korea will have a significant impact in the amount of resources you have.

in-game exploration

After deciding on your civilization, you can start your scanning process of the map. This will help you discover every nearby village and hidden caves. after the fog, where you can get good rewards depending on how rare they are.

Every time you enter the game or have free time, send your scouts as many times as you can to every corner of the map. Thus, you will be able to unlock new missions and achievements that will allow you to grow at a higher speed.

in the caves you will stumble upon rare chests, and your rewards may have some items of considerable value.

spend your gems

Similar to the real world, when you have money in a video game, you will want to spend it. However, the gems are a limited item and considering that they are the most valuable resource you will get, it is important that you know how to manage said resource wisely.

In the beginning, your focus should only be take your VIP level up to 6, because this will help you increase your chances of improve in every aspect of the game. It also gives you a secondary constructor forever, so you should no longer use gems to recruit a builder.

It is also important that you take advantage of be able to buy some items in the shop VIP 6. Especially the action point potions along with universal accelerators.

Now use your gems and other resources to purchase items from the town shop. Mystery Merchant as long as it appears. You can buy the following:

  • Buy everything that is sold as far as normal resources are concerned.
  • Buy every speed booster that has a sale of 60% or higher.

in-game pickup

Another section of this guide to play rise of kingdoms, involves collecting game items. As a free-to-play player, the amount of resources you will get it is limited.

Therefore, it is important that you have collection commanders at the start of the game. Improve its characteristics whenever you have that possibility, but after modifying to your primary commander.

Bring them up to level 27 to increase their talent percentages. To complete the collection tree, you will have to raise them 10 more levels, that is, up to level 37.

Apart, exchange resources for more resources in the so-called Courier station. Also don’t forget to collect the runes so that the collection speed be superior.